SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2007

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Using Process Oriented Approach to Improve the Writing Ability of the 8th Grade Students of SMP Negeri I Singosari

Rizqi Khoirunnisa


Writing is one of the basic language skills that should be mastered by
junior high school students. Unfortunately, most teachers provide less portion of
time for writing activities, compared to the portion provided for learning the other
skills. The difficulties of teaching writing and time limitation are the most popular
reason why writing skill is mostly neglected in English classes. 
  In the preliminary study, the researcher found that 8th
 grade students of
SMP Negeri I Singosari had difficulties in writing narrative text, especially in
terms of content and organization. The teacher usually asked the students to write
and submitted it, without giving any intervention during the process of writing.
The teacher adopted the product oriented approach in teaching writing. It means
the teacher didn’t assist the students in the process of producing a text. 
Process writing represents a shift in emphasizing the teaching of writing
from the writing product activities to ways in which text can be developed. This
approach was chosen to improve students’ writing ability. Thus, the research
problem was formulated as follow: ‘How can the process writing approach
improve the ability of the eighth grade students of SMP Negeri I Singosari in
writing a narrative text?’ This problem was more specifically elaborated in the
improvement of content and organization of a narrative text.
This study used a collaborative action research with one cycle and the
cycle consisted of planning the action, implementing the action, observing and
analyzing the action, and reflecting of the action. In all the steps of this study, the
researcher worked collaboratively with the English teacher.  
  The action research was conducted at SMP Negeri I Singosari which was
located at Jl. Raya Singosari number 1. The 8H students of SMP Negeri I
Singosari were chosen to be the research subjects because these students were the
researcher’s students in an extracurricular activity. The data of the students’
progress were taken from pre test writing and final writing which were in the form
of narrative texts. The students’ texts were scored both by researcher and an
independent rater who didn’t know the students to get objective score. Scores
from the researcher and rater were correlated by using Pearson Product Moment
Correlation and were significantly correlated at 0.01 level.    ii
  Based on the finding, it can be concluded that through the implementation
of process writing approach, the writing ability of the 8th
 grade students in SMP
Negeri I Singosari improved. The mean in terms of content improved from 1.91 to
2.37 and in terms of organization improved from 1.86 to 2.23. Both were in the
interval score of 1 as the lowest and 4 as the best writing performance
  In conclusion, the writing ability of the 8th
 grade students in SMP Negeri I
Singosari has improved, especially in content and organization. It is suggested for
teachers and students to continue the use of process writing approach. For further
researcher it is recommended to implement process writing approach in teaching
other types of text.

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