SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2007

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“The teaching of English in Acceleration Class at SMPN 1 Malang”

Qoni’ Zamili


Developing language competence needs a long process. Therefore, it is
interesting to investigate how can acceleration class which shortens the students’
learning time develop the language competence. This study was intended to
describe the teaching and learning process of English in acceleration class at SMP
N 1 Malang. It was expected that the description of this study was beneficial as a
feedback for the teacher and school in developing the acceleration program.
This study was a descriptive qualitative research. The subjects were the
acceleration class of SMP N 1Malang of 2006/2007 academic year. Data were
obtained from the teacher and the students of acceleration class. The main
instrument in the study was the researcher, who was supported by some
instruments, i.e.: observations, interview, and questionnaires.
From the findings, it could be concluded that the teaching and learning
processes in acceleration class had strengths and weaknesses in some aspects. The
strengths were on the qualification of the teacher, the use of selected materials, the
complete facility of media, the implementation of cooperative learning and
authentic assessment which were in the form of anecdotal record and response
journal. The weaknesses were on the teaching preparation, the module designed
by the teacher, and how the teacher implemented portfolio assessment. The
teaching and learning process were supported by the good qualification of the
students and students’ various ways of learning English, such as: reading a lot,
watching English television programs or movies, doing English exercises,
listening to the western music, trying to speak English at home, playing English
games, joining English extracurricular activities, and joining English private
Based on the research findings, some suggestions were given for the
betterment of  teaching and learning process of English in acceleration class. For
the school and acceleration program development team, they have to conduct a
better entrance selection system for acceleration class students, and develop better
differentiated curriculum. For the English teacher of acceleration class, she should
work harder to increase the quality of the teaching learning process of English by
implementing differentiated curriculum correctly, planning the teaching activities
well in advance, designing better standard module which can cover the
development of four language skills, and being creative in providing the teaching
and learning activities which are suitable with the students’ characteristics, talents,
and preferences. For the next researchers, it is suggested to conduct research about
teaching English in acceleration class with more specific focus so that the
teaching of English in acceleration can be described and analyzed more deeply.

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