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Using Pair-clustering Strategy to Improve Students’ Ability in Writing Descriptive Texts

Ariska Umu Imaroh




Imaroh, Ariska Umu. 2017. Using Pair-clustering Strategy to Improve Students’ Ability in Writing Descriptive Texts. Thesis. Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. EkaningDewantiLaksmiM.Pd, M.A. (II) Prof. BambangYudiCahyonoM.Pd, M.A., Ph.D.


Keywords: pair-clustering strategy, writing activities, descriptive texts, writing ability.

Writing is an activity of expressing ideas into a written product. It is a complex activity that seems to be the hardest part in learning English. Based on the preliminary study, seventh graders of SMPN 02 Pakisajiat Malang had difficulties in writing descriptive texts especially in generating and organizing their ideas. To solve the problem, the researcher implemented pair-clustering strategy to help students improve their ability in writing descriptive texts. Pair-clustering strategy is one of pre-writing strategies that can be used to help students generate and organize ideas more systematically.

The design of this research was Classroom Action Research, especially Collaborative Classroom Action Research, in which the researcher collaborated with the school English teacher. The research was carried out in one cycle which was conducted in four meetings. It consisted of four stages: planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The subjects of this study were 27 students of VII-A class at SMPN 02 Pakisaji. There were two criteria of success in this study: (1) 75% of the students are active during the teaching and learning process; (2) 75% of the students could achieve score 75 as equal to the students’ minimum mastery level set by the school.  The data in this study were collected using some instruments: interview guide, students’ questionnaire, observation checklist, research field note, writing tasks and scoring rubric.

The implementation of the strategy was conducted in six stages. Those were: introduce, explain, practice, make sentences, arrange the sentences, then revise and finalize. The main stages was the implementation of pair-clustering in writing descriptive texts. Students discuss in pair first in order to share more ideas and information about a topic and they start to draw the cluster map individually. Then, they create descriptive paragraph based on the map. The findings showed that pair-clustering strategy could improve students’ ability in writing descriptive paragraph.  It was indicated through the improvements of the students’ scores and the students’ active participation. Almost 88% of the students had reached score equal to 75 or above.There were most of 85% of the students were active during the implementation of the strategy.


Based on the findings, the researcher concluded that pair-clustering isuseful to improve students’ ability in writing descriptive texts. In addition, this study proposed some suggestions for English teachers and further researchers. It is recommended that English teachers implement interesting strategies such as pair-clustering strategy in their writing class. Furthermore, for future researchers who want to conduct similar research, they can use the findings of this study as reference.