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Developing Students’ Worksheet on Procedure Text for Eleventh Graders of SMA Brawijaya Smart School Malang





The objective of this study is to develop worksheet for teaching Procedure text to eleventh graders in SMA Brawijaya Smart School Malang, namely How Can I Do It? worksheet. How Can I Do It? worksheet adopts the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL)  approach with the content of Procedure text which is in the Basic Competences 3.6, 4.9 and 4.10 of the curriculum of 2013 for the eleventh grade students. The activities in the worksheet are put into three stages of teaching learning process, that is, pre-, whilst-, and post-. There are four different core activities with different skill-focus which were put in the whilst-. Those four activities are (1) Observe & ask, please!, (2) Let’s communicate & create!, (3) Let’s explore & discuss it!, and (4) Give it a try!. The pre- contains warming up activities while the post- contains summary and reflection.

This study adapted the Research and Development design by Borg & Gall (1989) and Latief’s (2012). This research consists of five modified steps, namely (1) Need Analysis, (2) Product Development, (3) Theoretical Validation, (4) Empirical Validation, and (5) Final Product. To collect the data for the need analysis, the researcher used students’ questionnaire and teacher’s interview. The validation checklists were used to gain the data for validating the product and conducting the revision. To gain data during the try-out to see the students’ responses towards the product and to conduct the final revision of the product, the researcher used observation sheet and the students’ feedback form.

There were five revisions made in the product. They were the revisions made on the name of the worksheet, the pictures added to the worksheet, and the color of the worksheet which included the background, the name of the activities, and the instructions of the activities. The try out was done to four groups consisting of three students each group on Friday, September 2nd, 2016. The data gained from the students’ feedback form and the researcher’s observation sheet showed that the How Can I Do It? worksheet could motivate them to learn English since the activities in worksheet are various. They said that the materials or topics in the “How Can I Do It?” worksheet were so fresh, and they could get new knowledge, especially about Procedure text. Also, all of the students agreed that the “How Can I Do It?” worksheet could help them to understand more about the Procedure text easily.


In summary, How Can I Do It? worksheet has successfully met the needs of the eleventh graders of SMA Brawijaya Smart School Malang on worksheet which can give them various learning activities on the Procedure text. Several valid steps such as product validation and product try-out have made the “How Can I Do It?” worksheet a valid product to support the teaching of Procedure text. A further research and development is suggested to be conducted.