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Social Depiction of England during Victorian Age on Oscar Wilde’s Short Stories (A Mimetic Analysis)

Nabhan Fuad Choiron


Literature, as we know, holds some functions. One of these is to give enjoyment to the
readers. Therefore, people like to read literature for the sake of entertainment since it
provides a device for imaginative stimulus which can give the readers some amusements and
solaces, while, in term of information, literature provides a record of a unique and specific
experience. In other words, literature, as a source of information,  acknowledge us in many
things such as historical background of  society at the time during the work is written, social
ethics, sciences, and any  accusations. Authors somehow write the story based on their
representation of their environment. It is written in a certain society from which the story is
derived. Thus, literature cannot be separated from its social environment. This study, in the
tradition of sociological studies which uses mimetic theory, analyses somewhat canon works
particularly from Victorian Age that is Oscar Wilde’s short stories; “The Happy Prince,”
“The Nightingale and The Rose,” “The Selfish Giant,” “The Devoted Friend” and “The
Remarkable Rocket.” Oscar Wilde is one of the most known of all of England’s poets and
play writer during the Victorian Age with his best known The Importance of Being Earnest
and The picture of Dorian Gray. However, the study about his shorts stories is scarcely to
This study to find out how Oscar Wilde’s short stories inter-textually describe the
society of England especially during the late 19th
 (nineteenth) century, the Victorian Era,
particularly in terms of the children’s life, relationship among classes, and religion lifestyle,
and how it is useful towards the society at that time as a criticism as well as a companion to
the situation of the society at present. This study is actually a form of criticism which
focusing on the text as representation of the world especially during the texts is written. That
is why, the most appropriate to do this study is by using mimetic theory as the ground of
study, especially the basic theory of Plato and Aristotle and Theory Mimetic of René Girard.
Oscar Wilde’s short stories actually represent the world or society during that time is
the late of nineteenth century, or most people know as the Victorian Age. The Victorian age,
as we know that it was a transition time between the romantic traditional era and the modern
twentieth century era, that expanded by a big industrial revolution. There are many
consequences that is influenced by the Industrial revolution, includes the literature.
Concerning the life of the society during Industrial revolution quite resembles the society
nowadays, the canon literature especially Oscar Wilde’s, then can be used as a media to learn
Actually, there are many mores aspect that further studies can reveal from this very
object especially, and generally from the canon works. Further studies of sociological and
historical studies are important to conduct. Concerning pop cultures are somewhat inevitably
much fluctuate, besides we praise canon and history, canon works are more established.

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