SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

Using Comic Strips to Improve Tenth Grade Students’ Writing Skill in Recount Texts at SMAN 1 Tumpang

Adenin Nur Aliyah




Based on the result of the preliminary study, it was known that the students of X-BB of SMAN 1 Tumpang had problems in writing, especially writing recount text. They still did not know the correct structure of the text. They were also confused how to use past tense and how to develop their idea into a good paragraph. Therefore, the students get bad scores. Thus, the researcher conducted a study to solve the problems by implementing media that is comic strips. Comic strips are a sequence of pictures which typically have dialogue printed in balloons. The function of the comic strips is to lead the students’ visualization of some events into a whole story.

In this research, classroom action research design was used. The subjects of the research were the students of X-BB  of SMAN 1 Tumpang in the second semester of 1016/2017 academic year. There were 38 students in that class. The researcher acted as the class teacher while conducting the study. There were some stages in implementing the media. First, acttivating students’ knowledge about recount texts. Second, giving a model of comic strips and also the model text. Third, giving material about reported speech. Fourth, giving material how to develop a paragraph using reported speech. Fifth, giving a practice to do drafting and asking the students to develop their draft into paragraphs in a group. Last, giving the students a final task to write a recount text based on comic strips given

The research findings showed that the media improved the students’ writing skill. The study had achieved the criteria of success that is 92% of the students could pass the passing grade at the end of the cycle 1. In addition, comic strips made the students more active, creative, and enthusiastic in the learning process. They were motivated to learn English well since comic strips could create a new and enjoyable situation in the class. They also felt that comic strips were helpful in writing a recount text. Those were proven by the result of the the students’ questionnaire.


From the result of the study, English teachers hopefully adopt the media with some modification to accomodate the weakness of this media in terms of the comic strips’ appearence and content since it could help students improve their writing skill. Further researchers are suggested to conduct further research using different genres, media and strategy in order to give more positive contribution to the teaching and learning activity. In addition, the future researchers are also expected to explore the use of comic strips to other skills such as listening, speaking, or reading.