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The Implementation of Teaching English in a Conversation Class at SMA Negeri 8 Malang

Maya Rizki Fauzia


English is the language used for global range. English is used in numbers of
aspects such as technology, news broadcasting and education. Yet, mastering
English will be useless without the mastery of speaking. Someone’s success in
learning a target language is fully determined by his or her ability to use the target
language in a real life communication. Yet, in our country, Indonesia, there is a
very limited chance for the students to practice their speaking abilities. As the
result, they find it difficult to improve their speaking abilities. Therefore, some
schools, including SMA Negeri 8 Malang, have established a conversation class as
the media for the students to practice their speaking skills.   
This study was conducted to describe the implementation of teaching
English in the conversation class at SMA Negeri 8 Malang. There were six
variables included in this study, namely the kinds of classroom activities
conducted in the conversation class, the kinds of roles implemented by the
English teacher, the kinds of materials used in the conversation class, the kinds of
media used in the class, the description of the students’ speaking problems, and
their solutions to overcome the problems. The setting of this study was Grade XI
majoring in IPA I with thirty-seven students in that class as the samples for this
This study employed a descriptive-qualitative design. Field notes, the
headmaster and the English teacher’s interview guides and the students’
questionnaires were the instruments used to collect the data needed. By employing
all of the instruments, the relevant data were collected. The data are then classified
by using the concept of coding categories into six variables as mentioned above. 
The findings of this study were as follows. The first, story telling,
whispering games, story completion, role-play and watching movie were the
classroom activities conducted in the conversation class. The second finding, the
teacher acted as knowledge transmitter, a manager for the classroom activities and
the counselor for the students who faced speaking problems. The third was that
the materials used in this conversation class were the students’ funny experiences,
Indonesian folk tales, argumentative texts about current social issues in Indonesia
and a heroic movie. The fourth finding was that a whiteboard and a heroic movie
were used as media in this class. The fifth finding is related to the students’
speaking problems. It was found out that 92% of the students face speaking
problems. Their problems varied from linguistic problems up to psychological
problems. It revealed that 86.5% of the students had vocabulary problems, 78.3%
of them had grammar problems while 70.2 percent of the students faced
pronunciation problems. 46% of the students stated that they were unable to
understand other’s utterances in English. As an addition, 59.5% of the students   ii
felt shy to speak English and 32.4% of them were not motivated to speak English.
The last finding showed the students’ efforts to overcome their speaking
problems. The strategies used by the students to deal with their speaking problems
were paraphrasing, approximation, the use of gestures, asking help from their
classmates and their English teacher, adjusting the messages, and the use of native
Based on the result of the study, it is recommended that the English teacher
be more careful in selecting the kinds of classroom activities for the class. They
should provide the opportunities for the students to practice their speaking
abilities. Next, the teacher should also set up a fixed syllabus along with the kinds
of classroom activities, materials, media and suitable scoring rubrics. As an
addition, it is expected that he gives feedback for the students concerning to their
performances. To SMA Negeri 8 Malang, it is better if the school establishes other
programmes to motivate the students in improving their speaking abilities, for
example English day or English competitions. The last suggestion is given to
other researchers. It is expected for them to conduct other studies to investigate
other elements in the conversation class apart from the six elements above.
Another alternative is to take one of the six elements above and conduct an in-
depth investigation about it.

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