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Tracing Puritan Complex In Dan Brown's Deception Point

Singgih Kiswantoro


Deception Point as map of modern  American  culture  conceals  an old  concept
of  thought  in  its  characters  and way  of  life  description.  The  old  concept  is  imprinted  by
one of  the American  ancestors,  the Puritans,  who have  an ultimate  dream  of establishing
a leading  'city  upon  the  hill'  nation.  The old  concept  remains  in  the  collective
unconsciousness  of  the modern Americans  who  are still  pursuing  the same  old dream of
establishing  the leading  nation.  Similar  to Goldmann's  Hidden God, this  study  reveals
the collective  unconsciousness  of  the actual  society  in  the  novel.  
That dream  of  the Puritans  lies  in  the modernity  aspect  that  is  identified  by
analyzing  the  description  of  the  novel's  characters. The modernity  results  from  the
Puritans'  education  and rational  thinking  spirit.  Both of  those Puritan's  spirits  become  the
basis of many  Puritans  society  development.  They  also develop  the  current American's
socio-cultural  thoughts  such  as democracy  and  image  of good citizens.  The modern
American  democracy  system  is  rooted in  the Puritans'  system  that  initiated  the  system  of
power division.  Americans'  images  of good citizens  are incorporated  into  the skills  of
being  highly-educated,  zealous,  economical,  and able  to apply work ethic,  all  of which
result  from  the Puritans'  rational  thinking  and calculation  spirit.  All  of  those
Puritans-originated  cultural  aspects are applied  in  the modern  era by  the modern
characters  to still  pursue  the Puritans'  leading  nation  goal.
The condition  of  intermingling  process of  those  cultural  aspects in  a society
cannot  be evaded since  this  condition  is natural  in  the  structure  of society where  every
aspect of  life  is developed  in  a multifaceted  way. Every  cultural  aspect, which  explains
how modern  this  novel  and its  characters  are, still  refers  to the values  of  the ancient
Puritans.  It blends  each other in  the same  purpose of establishing  the  leading  nation  of
America.  The  education  and rational  thinking  aspects are always  related  to other
aspects like modernity,  democracy,  and image  of good citizens.  The democracy  also
involves  educational  concern  and good citizens  and vice  versa. This  intermingling
condition  of  the  social  aspects  happening  in  the  pursuit  of  the leading  nation  is  the
complexities  existing  in  the novel.  Those modern  social  thoughts,  regarded as  the
Puritan  archetype,  are complex  in  a way  that  the more  they  are leading  to the  future,  the
more ancient  they  are.

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