SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2007

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The Teaching of Speaking at SMA 4 Malang

Hamidiyah Qudsi


The mastery of speaking skills in English is a priority for many second
language learners. Learners sometimes evaluate their success in language learning
based on their success on how they have improved their spoken proficiency. It means
that the teaching of speaking plays an important role to promote learners  speaking
ability. The fact shows that students of senior high school cannot speak English
although they have learned it for three years. Therefore, it is interesting to investigate
the teaching of speaking at senior high school. This study was intended to describe
the teaching of speaking focused on the techniques and media which are used by the
English teacher of SMA 4. It was expected that the description of this study was
beneficial as a feedback for the teachers and school to improve their students
speaking ability, and it was also beneficial for all English teachers in Indonesia who
concern with English instruction.
This study was descriptive qualitative research. The subjects were the English
teachers of SMA 4 Malang. The main instrument in the study was the researcher, who
was supported by some instruments, i.e.: observations, interview, and questionnaires.
The result showed that the English teacher of the first year applied some
techniques like, reading aloud, repetition drills, discussion, presentation, and question
and answer. In the second year the English teacher applied discussion, presentation,
role play and question and answer. While in the third year the teacher applied
discussion, presentation, repetition drills, dialogue and description. In relation to the
use of media, the English teachers used real things, motion pictures and audio
recordings. Referring to the barrier faced by the teacher in applying the techniques,
they found difficulties to encourage the students to speak. Sometimes, the students
reluctant to speak English because of some factors like, lack of vocabularies, fear of
making mistakes and shy to express themselves.
Based on the research findings, some suggestions were given for the
betterment of teaching learning process especially in teaching speaking. They are: (1)
the English teachers should give more attention to the development of speaking skill,
(2) the English teachers should stimulate and create enjoyable situation in order to
motivate the students to speak English, (3) the English teachers should applied
various kind of techniques in teaching speaking. In relation to the use of media the English teachers should maximize the use of media in the classroom. In other words
the teacher should be creative in providing the teaching and learning activities which
can be applied by using media. For the next researchers, it is suggested to conduct
research about the teaching of speaking by using an audiotaped dialogue journal in
promoting the students speaking ability. They can do research about the teaching of
speaking with more specific media or activities so that the teaching of speaking can
be described and analyzed more deeply.

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