SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2007

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White Supremacy in Take the Lead, The Movie

Kusnita Sari


Media products like films are make-believe, they do symbolise dominant
social belief and images, one of the most forceful images is the representation of
people of colour as by ‘nature’ inferior and less-capable than the White. Thus, the
non-White people need ‘help’ from the White people to save them from the cage
of inferiority.
  This study analyses how the characters in  Take the Lead The Movie is
categorized based on their skin colour or ethnicity; the White (self) and non-White
(other). This discrimination further segregates the white and the non-White into
their living political, socially and economically. They are simply portrayed in
contrary; the White has everything and the non-White nothing. Thus, making the
White becomes superior to the non-White and posing the latter under former’s
control and domination.
  The analysis reveals that the only non-White could escape their own
inferiority is that by becoming the White. This could only be achieved through the
process of introjecting white ideology into their own consciousness. Hence the
‘proper and noble’ assignment of Pierre, the main character of the movie, is done
through his ballroom dance teaching. Himself a non-White, the process of
spreading white ideology through ballroom dancing, subjects Pierre to become the
apparatus of ideology, which in turn, will subject others into the dominant system.
Once established, the teaching, the ballroom dancing, manifests itself into
system’s ideological apparatus that is able to create chain reaction in order to
make society wholly white.

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