SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2006

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Postmodern Aesthetics Concepts in Shrek

Adisti Ika Wardhani Halawa


This study aims at investigating the ideas that are (re) presented in animation
film Shrek. There is only one problem in this study, that is to find ideas that are (re)
presented in Shrek.
This study is expected to give some useful contributions to the study of
Literature, particularly to the study of animation film and postmodernism. The
findings of the study are expected to give some useful insights to Indonesian learners
of English Literature to get a better understanding of postmodern aesthetics and its
application on animation film.
The research design of this study is qualitative and the sources of data of this
study are the setting, the visualization of the characters, and the dialogue in the
animation film. Theories that are used in analyzing the data is theory of intertextuality
and theory of deconstruction 
The finding of the study is postmodern aesthetic is not merely about beauty. It
concerns more on the figural expression than the discursive expression. Postmodern
aesthetics also attack the formal categorization. Last, it exposes crucial issues by
showing the problem from different side of view. Some of the issues presented in the
film are racism, postfeminism, rejection to all of the stereotypes made by the old fairy
tales, rejection to universalism, and invitation to celebrate heterogeneity. 
Based on the findings of the study, several suggestions are made by the
researcher. The first is that more study should be conducted on the same subject since
the study has not explored all of the sides that the animation film has. The second is
that more study should be conducted on animation film since it has so many
interesting elements inside. The third is that the literature students may use the film in
helping them understand postmodern aesthetics or postmodernism in general. The
researcher also suggests that Indonesian 3d artist should continue their hard work in
bringing Indonesian animation film into life. Moreover, they can also use Indonesian
legends and folklore that have been ridiculed as the story of their animation film.
Last, it is suggested that media practitioner should be aware that their products
influence their consumer. In addition, the mass media consumer should notice that the
product they consume are made based on the ideas and goal of the makers.

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