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Collocation Ability of Students of English Departemnt State University of Malang

Bertalia Anandika Putri


This study attempts to investigate how the students collocational ability progress. This study is restricted to the use of lexical collocation the combination of “verb+noun”, “adjective+noun”, and “noun+noun” collocation.

            This research is descriptive, and the design of this study is cross sectional. The population of this study was students of English Department, State University of Malang, from 2005 to 2002 academic year.The instrument used in his study was a test on students’ collocation ability. This test had two kinds of form; the first test was the fill-in-the blank form and the second was translation form. This test was adopted from Kweldju (1999). The collected data was analyzed using statistical analysis of one way Analysis of Variance. Boferroni test and Tukey HSD test were also applied as the follow up test to find out whether there was a significant difference on collocation ability between each group being compared.

            The result showed that during their study the students only made small progress in their collocation ability. The result of the study also revealed the difference between each group being compared in this study. The result showed that there was a significant difference between the first and the second year students, in terms of their collocation ability. The difference on the collocation ability of the third and fourth year students was also significant, but there was no significant difference in collocation ability between the second and the third year students.

            Based on the result of the study, it is suggested that some more research on collocation ability be made. The English teachers should pay more attention to the teaching ad learning of collocation to improve students’ collocation ability.

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