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woman in public and private realm as seen through gender stereotype

rani ayu asyayuaro


Asysyuaro’, R.A. 2016. Woman in Public and Private Realm as Seen Through Gender Stereotype. Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Thesis Advisors: (I) Drs. Kukuh Prayitno S., M.A, (II) Maria Hidayati, S.S., M.Pd.

Keywords: Women, Patriarchy, Gender Stereotype, Public Realm, Private Realm

The portrayal of gender in our everyday life can be easily seen through the media, one of them is film. Different from other media, a movie is able to give an almost real image of the past life. The Duchess is a film which talks about the life of women in 18th century England. In that era, the concept of patriarchy was widely used and, therefore, woman as the main object in the film was always seen under the authority of men, whether in a public realm with men domination or in a private realm which was the natural realm for women.

This study aims to show that woman is bound by the stereotype inside the private realm, but she can easily break the stereotype when she is in public realm. As seen through gender studies’ point of view, especially from gender stereotype’s point of view, the main female character’s behavior and lifestyle in this movie are not suitable at all with the common stereotype of women.The data of this study are focused on Georgiana’s behaviors and attitude in both public and private realms since the researcher has found out that there is a huge contrast between her behavior in public and in private realm as seen through gender stereotype’s perspective.

The result of this study shows that there are two main reasons that make the main character unable to break the stereotype inside the private realm. The first and the most important reason is patriarchy. As the object of this study, Georgiana’s character shows that the real and direct practice of patriarchy is clearly seen inside the household. Men as the leader of the family are trying to show their power and authority over women in many ways. The second reason is women’s traits an emotional being. This emotional traits later on develops into another tendency called self-sacrifice. Georgiana’s self-sacrifice for other people, in this case for her family, is able to keep her from breaking any stereotype in private realm.

Through this study, the reader is expected to be more alert and conscious on their place in society, whether it is in public or private realm. Gender stereotype cannot be used as a parameter on how people should behave. The researcher also wishes that through this study, people can respect, treat, and tolerate any gender, whether it is man or woman, who tries to break their stereotype as it is considered as a sensitive issue nowadays. For future researcher, this study is expected to be further analyzed from men’s perspective in order to cover the same problem for both genders.