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Conceptual Metaphors in English and Indonesian Online News Articles of Football Match Reports.

Nafisah Zahra Alawiyah


The writing style of sport articles, especially football news articles, is different from another kind of news articles. It is because there are many specific expressions in a football game that cannot be found in another sport games. Another thing that makes football news articles different from another kind of news articles is the use of figurative language.One of kind of figurative language used in football news articles is conceptual metaphor.The use of language in describing football terms is varies since football is one of the most popular sports in the world.  People around the world have their own languange to describe football. Therefore, the use of metaphorical expressions in English and other languages might be different. Thus, this study aims to investigate the types of conceptual metaphors, used in selected English and Indonesian football match report articles, the differences and similarities between English and Indonesian languages in conceptualizing metaphors in football match report articles, and the functions of using conceptual metaphors in English and Indonesianfootball match report articles.

This study is a descriptive-qualitative study. The data sources are the football match report articles taken from eight English and Indonesian websites which have a football section. All of the match report articles used are the articles of 20 football match held in April – May 2016. The theory used to support this research is the Lakoff and Johnson’s theory (2008) about conceptual metaphors.

Based on the results of this study, there are 45 conceptual metaphorical expressions found in the selected English and Indonesian football match report articles. Three categories of conceptual metaphors are used in the selected articles, those arestructural, orientational, and ontological metaphor. The results show that there are 35 structural metaphor, 7 orientational metaphor, and 3 ontological metaphor found in this study. Also, the results show there are 26 English conceptual metaphors and 19 Indonesian conceptual metaphors found in the selected articles.The possible reasons of using conceptual metaphors in the football match reports are to express concept and meaning in the form of words and to make coherent narratives of different events of the match.

For future researchers, the researcher’s suggestion is to investigate the use of conceptual metaphors in the form of spoken data such as football live commentary and also to investigate the use of conceptual metaphors in another kind of news articles.