SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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The Teaching of Recount Text to the Eighth Graders of Junior High School 9 Malang

Rahmaniah Oktaviah


This study aimed to describe the teaching of recount text to 8th grade students of Junior High School 9 Malang by the English teacher. It focused on the steps the teacher used in teaching recount text. The teacher introduced the aspects of recount text that are: social function, language feature, and generic structure from the example of recount text, since to write the recount text the students should understand about the three aspects of a recount text.

This study used descriptive qualitative research design. The subjects of this study were the English teacher and 32 students of 8C class in SMP Negeri 9 Malang. This study used some instruments to collect the relevant data, which were interview guide, observation checklists, and field notes. The data were collected in March 2016 by observing the teaching and learning process for 4 meetings.

The findings were the students’ problems in learning recount textand the teaching and learning process inductively. It was also found that the teacher too focused on teaching the simple past tense, while other aspects were taught briefly.Besides, the researcher found that the way the teacher taughtwas by giving examples then the students found out the concept based on the samples, until they could make their own recount text. The researcher concluded that the teacher’s role is very important since the students’ understanding depends on the way the teacher stimulates them. However, the students were still confused about the structure of the text since they focused on learning the simple past tense.

Based on the results of present study, it was suggested that the teachers should understand the students’ characteristics before implementing strategy to teach the students. The teachers should also consider the focus of the material being taught to make the information the students get delivered well. Further researchers are suggested to analyze another teaching recount text strategy in two different classes with different characteristics to get the more significant results and add the time quantity for the classroom observation.