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the implementation of clueless game for the seventh graders' vocabulary building in SMPN 9 Malang

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The aim of this study was to improve the students’ vocabulary building of seventh graders of SMPN 9 Malang. This study was conducted because students had limited vocabulary. Based on the preliminary study, only half of the students passed the minimum score. The minimum score determined by the school was 75. Based on the observation done in the preliminary study, the teacher did not use any media in teaching vocabulary and some students did not get any English lesson in elementary school. Thus, students were not enthusiastic in learning vocabulary. To solve this problem, the use of clueless game for vocabulary building was applied in learning vocabulary. This study was directed to answer a research question on how clueless game can build the vocabulary of the seventh graders of SMPN 9 Malang.

This study used Classroom Action Research (CAR). The study was conducted in two cycles that consists of four stages, that are: Planning, Implementing, Observing, and Reflecting. There was one meeting in cycle one and three meetings in cycle two. The subjects of this study were 32 students of VIIB at SMPN 9 Malang in the academic year of 2015/2016. The researcher used vocabulary test, observation checklist, and questionnaire to collect the data. The criteria of success were set by the researcher whereas at least 75% of the students in class got score above the minimum score of 75, and 75% of the students involved in teaching and learning process.

The findings of the study showed that: (1) 100% of the students achieved score above the minimum score of 75, which shows that using clueless game can help students’ vocabulary building; (2) 75% of the students involved in the teaching and learning process, it shows that clueless game was not only help students to build their vocabulary but also increase students’ involvement.

The details of clueless game steps are as follows. First, explain to the students about the rule in details because some students may be confused with the rules. Second, the students asked the researcher as the card keeper about the clues using yes or no question to guess the word written in the picture cards. Every student has to ask a question at least once.

The suggestions from this study were directed to the English teachers and the further researchers. For the English teachers, it is suggested to use clueless game since it can help the students building their vocabulary. For the future researchers, especially those who want to conduct the same scope of study, it is suggested to use the media as an alternative strategy for teaching vocabulary to the different level of students.