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using classroom debate strategy to improve tenth grade senior high school students' speaking skill

muji prihatin



Prihatin, Muji. 2016. Classroom Debate Strategy to Improve Tenth Grade Senior High School Students Speaking Skill. Thesis, English Language Education, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: 1) Prof. H. Ali Saukah, M.A., Ph.D., 2) Dr. Furaidah, M.A.

Key words: Speaking Skill, Fluency, Classroom Debate Strategy

As a means of communication, English is widely used in international communication. Students in Indonesia are expected to be able to actively participating in international communication. Therefore, English is taught in junior high schools and senior high schoolsin Indonesia. Thus, the students are demanded to have good speaking fluency as one of speaking skill's aspect to be enable them to participate in the international interaction.Based on the result of the preliminary study, the students of X IIS 3 Senior High School 5 Malang had low speaking skill fluency. It was found that 31 out of 36 the students lack of speaking fluency.

This Classroom Action Research (CAR) was aimed to increase the students' speaking fluency by using debate strategy. It was conducted in four meetings in one cycle consisting of four steps which are planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The subjects of the study were 36 the students of X IIS 3 Senior High School 5 Malang. The instruments used in this study were observation sheets, field notes, interview guides, questionnaire, and scoring rubric.

The debate strategy successfully increased the students' speaking fluency. It could be seen from the speaking ability score. The students could increase their score gradually about 1 to 4 points in each meeting. Thus, in the last meeting of the implementation, all of the students could increase their score by 5 points, and some even increased more.

Based on the result of the study, the researcher suggests that the English teacher choose the right material for debate strategy and manage the time allotment properly. Besides, the school's principal is suggested to provide the facilities that support the debate strategy such as LCD projector and sound system in the classroom. The last,future researchers are recommended to implement the debate strategy by exploring more interesting and meaningful activities to get better result.