SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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Using Graphic Organizer to Improve the Recount Writing Skills of 10th Graders of SMKN 11 Malang.

Frederick Lukas Tahapary


In vocational high schools in Indonesia, writing skill is one of important skill to master. Writing is one of the skills in English. Writing skills was difficult to master for SMKN 11 students.Based on the preliminary study, the researcher found content and organization components had some issues to be overcome.

This research used Classroom Action Research adapted from Kemmis and Mc Taggart’ Classroom Action Research consists of four stages. These four stages are Plan, Implementation, Observation, and Reflection. This research was conductedby using two cycles. The data were collected using writing test in the forms of students’ scores, students’ questionnaires, and teacher’s observation checklist.

The criteria of success in this research was set in 70% of the students need to achieve higher than 70. After implementing the Graphic Organizer, it was found that the students improved their writing skillsof recount text. After the first cycle of the implementation, the result of the test given in the third meetingshowed that 37.5% of the students or 12 students from 32 students suceeded in improving their writing in recount text. Then the improvement increased to 90.63% of the students or 29 students out of 32 students succeeded in improving their writing in recount text. Besides, the students’ performance also showed that the students were positive toward the implementation of the Graphic Organizer strategy in the classroom.

The implementation was consisted of three stages. In the first stage, the researcher introduced the Graphic Organizer and recount text to the students. He introduced the function and procedure of using Graphic Organizer. After introducing Graphic Organizer, the second stage was giving a sample text to be converted to Graphic Organizer. The students were supposed to write down the main idea of each section of recount text in the Graphic Organizer. The researcher guided and discussed together with the students about how to use the Graphic Organizer correctly.In the last stage, the researcher gave topics for the students for composing Graphic Organizer and then writing their own recount text.

The Graphic Organizer can therefore be used to help students improve their writing skills in recount text. In line with this, the researcher offers somesuggest-ions to English teachers and future researchers. For the English teachers, the researcher recommends that they use the Graphic Organizer to improve the students’writing skills. For future researchers, the researcher suggests that they explore Graphic Organizer in improving students’ writing skills in other types of texts, or even other English skills.