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Using Stop and Think Strategy to Enhance the Eleventh Grade Students' Reading Comprehension Abilities

Yizhar Yordani




Yordani, Yizhar. 2016. Using Stop and Think Strategy to Enhance the Eleventh Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension Abilities.Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang.Advisors: (I) Dr.Suharyadi,S.Pd.,M.Pd., (II) Dr.Ekaning Dewanti Laksmi, M.Pd., M.A.


Key words: Stop and Think strategy, English Literature, reading comprehension, narrative text, senior high school


This study aimed at implementing aninstructional strategy to solve practical instructional problems inXI Language Programme in SMAN 5 Malang. The instructional problems found in the class were (1) the students did not get enough exposure to comprehend reading passages, and (2) the strategy implemented by the English teacher unsuccessfully facilitated students in learning reading. The students needed reinforcement in their vocabulary mastery and ideas understanding to comprehend the text better. So, the researcher decided to adopt a more structuredteaching strategy as the solution to overcome the students’ difficulties in reading comprehension, namely Stop and Think strategy.

Stop and Think is a strategy which focuses on improving reading comprehension abilities through scaffolding activities i.e. (1) activating prior knowledge, (2) monitoring understanding, and (3) drawing conclusion. In implementing the strategy, the researcher conducted a classroom action research (CAR). This studyfocused on improving condition, solving the problem with a solution, and establishing effective ways of teaching and learning in achieving better results.This study was done through a four-step process adapted from Kemmis and McTaggart (1988), namely (1) planning, (2) implementing, (3) observing, and (4) reflecting.


The results of the study indicated that the implementation of the strategy was (1) affirmatively eligible to overcome the students’ difficulties in reading comprehension and (2) able to provide and encourage more structured reading experience through the use of scaffolding activities.Allof the upper-group and the lower-group students had improved their scores after the implementation of the strategy. In addition, the results also had shown that the students gave positive responses toward the implementation of the strategy. Overall, the improvement in students’ scores complied withthe students’ positive attitude showed that the implementation of the strategy has met the criteria of success of the study.


In the implementation of the strategy, the researcher’s encouragements during the reading activity were the important roles that determine the success of the implementation of the strategy i.e. activating students’ prior knowledge that stimulated them to make prediction what the texts possibly about, asking students to take notes while they were reading, involving students into discussion, and giving students explanation to facilitate students monitoring their understanding. The students’ involvements during the teaching and learning activity reflected their enthusiasm in following the steps of the strategy. It also could assist the students to improve their reading comprehension abilities.

Based on the findings, this study offers several suggestions for pedagogical practice by implementing teaching strategy. First, based on the findings, the Stop and Think strategyis intended for English teachers to improve the students’ reading comprehensionabilities.The teachers can adopt or adapt Stop and Think strategy to be implemented in their reading class. The teachers have to encourage students to actively participate in the teaching and learning process as a purpose facilitating students to get the better of comprehension. In the right procedure implementation, the strategy canassist the students in gaining their reading comprehension abilities.


Apart from that, the findings presented in this study can be used as a reference databy further researchers in conducting next researches in the subject field of instructional teaching strategy implementation, particularly the one for improving reading comprehension ability.