SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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Using Problem-based Teaching Strategy with Picture Puzzles to Enhance the 7th Graders’ Ability in Writing Descriptive Text at SMPN 9 Malang

Rendhi Fatrisna Yuniare


This Classroom Action Research was conducted to solve classroom problems experienced by the teacher and the students of class VII-C, SMPN 9 Malang. Based on the result of the preliminary study, it was found that the students of VII-C class had problem in writing, especially in writing descriptive texts. Students have problem in organizing ideas, developing their ideas, and using grammar and vocabulary. The researcher also found that the students had never been taught using media, especially picture puzzles. Thus, the researcher conducted this research by implementing the use of picture puzzles as the media to overcome students’problem in writing descriptive texts. Picture puzzles are jumbled pictures which had to be arranged into complete set. By using picture puzzles, students could make description based on the picture that they have arranged. These media were used to lead the students’ visualization of object in the picture

This Classroom Action Research was conducted in one cycle that consisted of four meetings. This research consisted of four steps: planning the action, implementing the action, observing the action, and reflecting the action. The subjects of this study were VII-C class students of SMPN 9 Malang who were in the second semester of 2015/2016 academic year. There were 32 students involved in this study. The research instruments used in this research were interview guides, field notes, observation checklist, questionnaire, and writing task. The English teacher and the researcher’s colleague took role as the observers. The researcher’s colleague was taking role both, as the observer and the rater. The reason why the researcher needed the rater since the researcher wanted to minimize bias in assessing the students’ work.


In the end of the cycle, the researcher found that the research has already achieved the criteria of success. The steps in implementing the strategy is as follows: (1) Asking the students to arrange pictures puzzles on a paper into a right arrangement. (2) Asking the students to find vocabulary which might be used to describe the picture and (3) Asking the students to write based on the picture. This study proposes a solution for teacher who have the same or similar problems related to the students’ poor writing ability. The researcher gave suggestion for English teacher to use picture puzzle as media for improving students’ ability in writing descriptive texts. For the further researcher, the researcher gave suggestion to consider the number of the picture puzzle used with the time allotment. This research can also be used as reference for the further researcher.