SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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Developing a Module on Writing Descriptive Texts for Eighth Grade Students at SMPN 12 Malang

Faiqoh Khoirotul Maulida


This study aims at developing a module, namely Descripthemes, focusing on writing descriptive texts for eighth graders at SMPN 12 Malang. There are two basic competences of Curriculum 2013 (K-13) syllabus that are elaborated in producing the module, which are 3.10 and 4.12. The basic competence 3.10 requires students to be able to apply proper structure and language features to perform the social function of descriptive texts by stating and asking about the description of people, animals, and things. The basic competence 4.12 requires students to be able to describe people, animals, and things in both spoken and written works with the proper social functions, text structures, and language features. The topic of places is added to enrich the students’ knowledge and practices on writing descriptive texts. The research design of this study adapts the design of Educational Research and Development by Borg and Gall (1989).  This study consists of seven stages, which are: needs analysis, product development, expert validation and first revision, try-out and second revision, and finalization of the product. The needs analysis data were collected from the students’ questionnaires, the students’ writing skill, and the English teacher’s interview.

The module was based on the results of needs analysis. The module, then, was validated by an expert by focusing on three aspects; design and layout, content, and language. The feedback gained from the expert showed that the content and language aspects became the main focus of the first revision. It included the writing exercises, the instructions, and the answer key. After being revised, the module was tried out to 27 eighth grade students and an English teacher at SMPN 12 Malang. The instruments used were two set of questionnaires to get both the students and the English teacher’s feedback as the users of the module. Some students commented that they were confused on the vocabulary items “nail” and “claw”, and some others commented on the instructions of the activities in the module. These comments resulted in the revision of the vocabulary items and simplifying the instructions. Nevertheless, most of the students (70%) agree that the module can help them to write descriptive texts better. Also, many of them (63%) agree that the module is easy to use. The teacher labeled most of the indicators written in the questionnaire with excellent.

As a conclusion, the Descripthemes module is appropriate for the eighth grade students in practicing to write descriptive texts since all the feedback considered during the process of developing the module made it appropriate for what the students need. Future research needs to be conducted to develop other supplementary materials for other skills and other topics since this module limits its focus to writing descriptive texts only.