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Student Teachers’ Perceptions of their Readiness for the Internship

Amanda Vira Maharani



Maharani, Amanda Vira. 2016. Student Teachers’ Perceptions of their Readiness for the Internship. Thesis. Department of English, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Suharmanto, M.Pd., (II) Nur Hayati, S.Pd., M.Ed.

Keywords: perception, readiness, internship

This descriptive qualitative study was aimed to investigate English student teachers’ perception of their readiness to take the internship in terms of a number of aspects. These aspects include: (1) the understanding about internship, (2) teaching interest, (3) teaching experience, (4) feelings in facing the internship, (5) the adequateness of the teaching courses, (6) final grade and courses’ understanding, (7) English skills, (8) self-reflection, (9) preparation, and (10) suggestion for the English Department. Also by checking student teachers’ grades on English language skills courses, English language and literature courses, English language teaching courses, research components, and elective courses which can assist the development of the language teaching components.

It is a descriptive qualitative study in which data were mainly collected through interviews. The interviewees were six students of sixth semester of ELT program of State University of Malang. The researcher recruited six student teachers with high, average, and low achievement based on their GPA. They represent the diverse experiences and English skills of English student teachers have. The interviews were conducted in Bahasa Indonesia to avoid misperception and misunderstanding of the questions. The data were analyzed descriptively according to three steps which consist of: data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing.

The research showed that the student teachers were still feeling not ready enough in a number of aspects. The first aspect is almost all of them had an issue with the duration of the internship that is too short. Second, not all the student teachers majoring English Language Teaching have a desire to be a teacher although teaching is the major field of work that they have been prepared for throughout their university study. Third, another factor that makes them feel unready is anxiety. Fourth, from the content courses aspect, there was an issue with the sequences of the courses that made student teachers confused about planning a lesson. Lastly in terms of skill courses, the respondents thought the courses are already adequate enough and they already got good scores, but they stated that they still have some issues with it.

Based on the results of this study, some suggestions are given. First of all, it is important that student teachers prepared themselves better for the internship by developing their knowledge and English skills on their own or with peers before the internship. In terms of curriculum several elective courses might need to be promoted to required courses due to its crucial importance for the teachers’ preparation. These are Classroom Management, IMALT, and ICALL. It is suggested that there is a phase of teaching practicum during the semesters before the internship, such as, school experience and teaching practicum. It is also essential that the English lecturers encourage the student teachers to build their confidence and have more practice to improve their English proficiency. For further researchers, the findings can be used as valuable references in conducting research in the same field. It is suggested that future researchers conduct a similar study using the three important variables of teachers’ activities, which are: planning, implementing, and evaluating the lesson to find out the student teachers’ readiness to take the internship.