SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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Dhika Kusumaranti



Kusumaranti, Dhika. 2016. The Students’ Perception towards Speaking Class in Intensive Course (IC) Program. Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Suharmanto. M.Pd., (II) Nunung Suryati.,M.Ed.,Ph.D.

Keywords: speaking class, intensive course.


This survey research was aimed to know the students’ perception towards speaking class in Intensive Course (IC) Program in term of: (1) The achievement of course objective, (2) The student’s handbook, (3) The teaching and learning process, and (4) The improvement to maintance classroom management. This research used questionnaire as the instrument. The questionnaire was adapted from Scott (2003), the student’s handbook and course profile of speaking class.

The population of the study was 192 students who attended the Intensive  Course (IC) program in 2015. There were 85 students who responded to the survey. The sample was chosen through random sampling technique which used lottery. The researcher wrote the class name in a piece of paper. After that, the researcher randomly picked the lottery. The data analysis was conducted through 3 steps. The first one was identifying the responses. Then the data were analyzed to identify the general trend and the last step was calculating the frequency and precentage of students’ response in each number.

The result has drawn that most of the students said “Agree” and “Strongly Agree” that speaking class has made the students meet the expected competence as stated in the course profile. Furthermore, the class has been effective to help the students preparing the next courses. The research also found that the student’s handbook has been optimally utilized and the content is properly used to support the teaching and learning process. Moreover, this survey has shown that the teaching and learning process is the aspect which needs improvement since the students feel bored and frightened. Despite of that, the competent lecturer which one of them was native speaker is the aspect of speaking class that do not need any improvement.

The finding was significant to evaluate the speaking class in Intensive Course program. The data suggest that the English Department should consider the class size in order to make the students feel enjoy and can engage better. The existance of native speaker will definitely help the students to get better understanding of English, spesifically speaking skill. Furthermore the classroom strategies should be fun and interesting. The lecturer may used the speaking class strategies by Harmer (2012). Moreover, the lecturer should give the students a chance to take part in the class and pay attention to what they say. Further resarcher should consider the types of questionnaire, the bigger participant of pilot testing, the important of interview to gain further information and the sampling technique. The research could also be conducted to determine the effective classroom strategies in speaking class and the content of the student’s handbook.