SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2014

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The Correlation between Students’ Frequent Attendance to English Access Center (ESAC) and Students’ Achievement in Intensive Course.

yulia ainur rohmah



Intensive course is one of the important courses of English Department State University of Malang. Intensive course aimed at give all the students equal Basic English for preparing them the advance courses in the further semester.One of the Intensive Course programs is Independent Study or IS. Independent Study is designed for gaining the awareness of importance autonomous learning that has to be conducted in English Self Access Center (ESAC). ESAC is a place of learning materials for autonomous learning.

This research aimed to see the correlation between students’ frequent attendance to ESAC and their achievement in Intensive Course Program. Intensive CourseProgram consisted of Independent Study that requires the students come to ESAC. Therefore, IS in ESAC is assumed giving impact to the intensive course achievement.

This study used correlation design of pearson product moment. It focuses to see the degree of relationship between two variables without giving any treatment. This study used the accessible population which is intensive course students academic year 2013/2014. The data collection was done through documentary study of the students’ achievement in IC and students’ enjoyment independent study report. In addition, the researcher also used questionnaires for secondary study. It gains information of the students’ learning pattern and reasoning for conducting IS in ESAC.

The finding of this research shows that correlation between the students’ frequent attendance and students’ achievement in IC is significant. However, the degree of the relationship is low. It is caused by the students’ attitude during the Independent Study that does not reflect the principle of autonomy learning. Therefore, there are some aspects of the ESAC as a place to conduct independent Study and Intensive Course system that needs to be improved.

The outcome of the research is some suggestion to ESAC and intensive course developer such as equipping advisory service and improvements in the materials. Moreover, it is also could be useful for the further research.