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Code Switching in Indonesian Pop Songs

Ifa Dewi Safitri


Safitri, Ifa Dewi. 2008. Code Switching in Indonesian Pop Songs. S-1 Thesis,
English Department, State University of Malang. Advisors: Dr. Arwijati
Wahyudi, M.Pd.
Key words: Code switching, Indonesian pop song lyrics
This study aims at describing code switching found in Indonesian pop
songs composed by some Indonesian pop song composers. There are two research
problems in this study, namely: what types of code switching are found in
Indonesian pop song composed by Indonesian pop song composers and what are
the reasons why the composers switch the language in their songs.
This study is expected to give some useful contributions to the theory of
Sociolinguistics, particularly the theory of code switching. The findings of this
study are expected to give some useful insights to English Department students in
order to get better understanding of the use of code switching by Indonesian pop
song composers.
The research design of this study is descriptive qualitative and the data of
the study is in the form of written lyrics. There are three steps for collecting the
data: (1) finding the lyrics of Indonesian pop songs in the internet and in the songs
magazines, (2) selecting lyrics that consist of Indonesian-English code switching,
and (3) coding the selected code switching (data) by giving numbers to help the
analysis run well. The results show that there are 4 types of code switching which
are used by Indonesian pop song composers. They are: (1) intra-sentential
switching, (2) inter-sentential switching, (3) emblematic switching, and (4)
involving a word within a sentence.
There are 6 reasons why Indonesian pop song composers code switch from
one language into another in their composed songs. They are: (1) talking about a
particular topic, (2) inserting a sentence fillers or sentence connectors, (3)
repetition used for clarification, (4) expressing group identity, (5) softening and
strengthening request or command, and (6) inserting a real lexical need.
From the findings, Inter-sentential switching is mostly used by some
Indonesian pop song composers because they prefer to express their messages
from one language then code switch it into another language. Emblematic
switching is the least code switching which is found in this study because
emblematic code switching as tags or exclamations as an emblem of bilingual
character is usually found in exchange, whereas most of the songs tell about
It is known that Indonesian pop song composers do code switching
because they mostly talk about particular topics, namely love, unity, and party,
and they intent to "show off" their group identity as Indonesian pop song
composers who are able to code switch into English in their composed songs.
Inserting a sentence fillers or sentence connectors is the least reason why the
Indonesian pop song composer code switches her language from Bahasa
Indonesia into English because sentence fillers or sentence connectors sometimes
are used in conversation which occur intentionally or unintentionally. Besides,
usually, bilingual or multilingual uses them because he/she has been familiar with

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