SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2013

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Asizah .




Asizah. 2013. Developing Interactive CD for Vocabulary “Things around My School” for the seventh graders of SMPN 16 Malang. Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisor: Prof. Dr. Moh. Adnan Latief, M.A.


Key words: Vocabulary, Interactive CD, Multimedia


The objective of this research is to develop an Interactive CD as medium for enrichment activity for the students’ vocabulary mastery on “Things around My School” relevant to the Standards of Content, the syllabus and coursebook of seventh graders. Subject of this study is the 7B class of SMPN 16 Malang.

This research is categorized into Research and Development (R&D) and adapts Borg and Gall (1983) design. The design consists of several steps, five of which are needs analysis, product development, theoretical validation, empirical validation, and final product. Needs analysis aims to identify the problems faced by the students or the teacher related to the vocabulary. The information was obtained through document study, teacher interview, and classroom observation. Product development includes determining topic, selecting materials, mapping layout, designing storyboard, and combining all multimedia elements. Theoretical validation consists of expert validation and revision. Feedbacks from the experts were obtained through questionnaires. Revision was undertaken based on the feedbacks. Empirical validation covers developmental try-out and revision. The developmental try-out was conducted twice; small scale and big scale. Feedbacks from the teacher and the students were obtained through questionnaires. The result of need analysis and theoretical validation were described qualitatively while the result of empirical validation was in the form of quantitative description using percentage.

The result of need analysis was in line with the objective of this study. In the school, there were no sufficient teaching media used by the teacher who only depended on the use of coursebook. The first developmental try-out involved nine students. The second one was participated by the whole class and the teacher. The result of the try-out was based on the teacher’ point of view, the students’ point of view, and the researcher’s point of view. Generally, the students and the teacher gave positive responds. They stated that the medium was interesting, attractive, enjoyable, and helpful in learning vocabulary. The medium could encourage the students to learn English and be active in the activity. The final product was in the form of an Application (.exe) and packaged into the CD (Compact Disc). It was also accompanied with the manual. The Interactive CD covers both the material and the game. The material is in the form of glossaries consisted of six subtopics; My Classroom, My Science laboratory, My Language Laboratory, My Library, My Schoolyard, and My School Garden. Totally, there are sixty six words related to the things around school included in the CD. The game consists of some questions related to the words. It consists of three kinds of activities which are guessing, arranging, and matching.

Based on the findings, it was found that the final product of this study was enjoyable and helpful multimedia for vocabulary learning. The students were encouraged to learn the vocabulary using the CD and they did the activities enthusiastically. Related to the findings, some suggestions were given as follows. For the teacher, it is expected that they used the CD in teaching vocabulary for the seventh graders. For the future researcher, it is suggested to develop more interesting and enjoyable Interactive CD for other topics or grades. Moreover, the biggest problem of this Interactive CD lies in the poor recording quality. Therefore, it is suggested that the future researcher could have clearer recordings by using firsthand recording.