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Developing a Prototype of Supplementary Material for Vocabulary for the Third Graders of Elementary Schools

Dian Lailaningrum




Lailaningrum, Dian. 2012. Developing a Prototype of Supplementary Material for Vocabulary for the Third Graders of Elementary Schools. Unpublished Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisor : Dr. Sri Rachmajanti M.Pd., Dip. TESL.


Key words: prototype, supplementary material, vocabulary, third graders


The study is intended to develop a prototype of supplementary material for vocabulary as self-study material for the third graders of elementary schools. The supplementary material is facilitated with a CD as an aid for pronunciation practice and a guide booklet to help the learners learn the material easily. The supplementary material consists of the topic of body parts that was chosen based on the teachers’ questionnaires and curriculum 2006.

This is a developmental study that consists of several steps: need analysis, material development, experts and teachers validation, revision, try-out, and final product (Hyland, 2003). The instruments used in this study were questionnaires and evaluation sheets. The researcher used qualitative method in analyzing the result of the interviews and teachers questionnaires in preliminary study, the evaluation sheets of experts and teachers validation, and students’ feedback. For the students’ result of try-out, the researcher analyzed the data of it by using descriptive method.

The supplementary material as the product of this study was tried-out to the third graders after it was revised based on the experts and teachers validation. The result of the data based on students’ works showed that the twelve third graders were able to do the supplementary material exercises. Five students fulfilled the criteria of valid based on Sudjiono (1998:45) in Puspitasari (2011:32) which meant they can passed in doing the exercises by getting 85.41% to 97.92% correct answers of whole exercises in the supplementary material and the other seven students fulfilled the criteria of quite valid by getting 60.41% to 77.08% correct answers. Based on the students’ feedback, students were also interested in the layout of the supplementary material and CD. Based on the questionnaire analysis, 75% students could understand the content of the book by reading the guide booklet. The most important thing is, also based on students’ questionnaires, all of the students stated that the book improved students interest and help them improve their vocabulary independently. These result showed that this study and the product of the study have successfully answered the students’ needs in learning vocabulary as one of language components.

The result of this study is specified to the third graders of elementary schools in the first semester. It contains topic of the body parts. There are 10 sub-materials discussing parts of the body in several types of exercises. The CD as the supplementary material complements is aimed to help students learn on how to pronounce words supported in the book well. Also, the booklet as the additional complement is used to help students independently learn the vocabulary of the book easily. The product of this study can be used independently at home outside the usual schedule of the school.