SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2011

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Using Digital Storytelling to Improve the Speaking Skill of the XI Grade Students at SMAN 1 Sidayu Gresik

Elys Safinatun Nadhifah




Nadhifah, Elys Safinatun. 2011. Using Digital Storytelling to Improve the Speaking Skill of the XI Grade Students at SMAN 1 Sidayu Gresik.Thesis, Undergraduate Study Program of English Language Education, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisor: Drs. Murdibjono, MA.


Key words: Speaking, Storytelling, Digital Storytelling.


The purpose of the study is to improve the students' speaking skill by using digital storytelling. This study is conducted at SMA Negeri 1 Sidayu Gresik because from the interviewed done with the English teacher it was known that   the students were reluctant and had difficulties in speaking English. The subjects were 13 students of XI grade, Language program.

This study is classroom action research which aimed to solve the teaching problems experienced by the English teacher to improve the students' speaking skill. Classroom action research carried out the action in the form of cycle. it comprises four steps including planning, implementation, observation, and reflection that is called as cycle. The researcher only has one cycle in this study because the students' learning results have already reached the criteria of success.

From the preliminary study, it can be concluded that the students had speaking problem which hampered the teaching learning processes. The problems that occurred in during the teaching and learning process were (1) students did not use English as their communication language and (2) they were reluctant to speak English. To overcome the students' problem, the researcher employed digital storytelling strategy to the teaching and learning process.

According to the findings during the implementation of digital storytelling, Students were interested in the production of digital storytelling as they loved to follow some steps in teaching speaking using digital storytelling. The first, students have to prepare the story and the picture that are going to be implemented in the digital storytelling. The second step is storyboarding. In this step students should visualize their story in a piece of cardboard by sticking their pictures and writing their story below it. This is aimed to get them easier to visualize their story in the digital way. The last one is digitalizing their story by using multimedia tools and presenting it in front of the audiences.

Based on the research findings, some suggestions are given in order to minimize the students' speaking problems. For the teacher, she must help the students to always be active in minimizing students' speaking problems so that the teaching learning processes could run well. Since reluctance sometimes appears during the implementation of the strategy, the teacher should be able to create appropriate way to encourage the students to speak English in expressing their ideas. In addition, the teacher should give clear instruction before starting activity in order to avoid miscommunication between the teacher and students. A good communication can give positive effect in developing students' speaking skill.