SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2011

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Fitri, Dian Indrianis. 2011. A Study on Reading Strategies Taught by the English Teachers of SMPN 2 Kepanjen and SMPN 4 Kepanjen. Unpublished Thesis, English Language Education, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisor: Siti Muniroh, S.Pd., M.A.


Key words: reading strategies, English teachers


English Teachers play an important role in the teaching of English in junior high schools. The reading strategies known by students are used to solve problems during the learning of reading. That is why a teacher is seen as the one who are responsible for the teaching of reading strategies and students' reading comprehension. This study is intended to know the English teachers' thought about the reading strategies whether they are important or not to be taught. This study is necessary to conduct to find what kind of reading strategies are taught by English teachers and how the reading strategies are taught in the classroom.

This study is designed as a descriptive qualitative research since it describes the English teachers thought and many characteristics of direct and indirect reading strategies. The subjects are five English teachers from SMPN 2 Kepanjen and SMPN 4 Kepanjen. The instruments used to collect the data are interview guide, questionnaire, observation checklist, and fieldnotes.

The results of this study show that first, the English teachers have good thoughts and perceptions on reading strategies teaching in junior high school as solutions for the betterment of reading practice of junior high graders. Second, kinds of reading strategies taught by the English teachers of SMPN 2 Kepanjen and SMPN 4 Kepanjen are cognitive, compensation, memory, test-taking and metacognitive strategies. Five kinds of cognitive strategies such as concentrating on the grammar of unfamiliar construction, analyzing theme, style and connections to improve the students comprehension, creating a map or drawing of related ideas to help the students understand the relationship between words and ideas, writing a short summary of what the students read to help the students understand the main ideas, and expanding the students vocabulary and grammar to help them increase their reading comprehension. Five kinds of compensation strategies are used such as taking notes to help the students recall important details, trying to remember what the students understand from a text, reviewing the purpose and tone of a text, reviewing key ideas and details, and classifying words into meaningful groups to help the students remember them. Two kinds of memory strategies such as making a map and association of the story, and reviewing the connection of the story plot or theme are employed. Four kinds of test-taking strategies are used such as identifying the questions before reading the whole text, guessing the answer while observing the text, finding keywords in the story, and focusing on question and answer. Three kinds of metacognitive strategies are used such as making lists of relevant vocabulary to prepare for new reading, working with classmates to help the students develop the reading skill, and taking opportunities to practice what the students already know are used. Third, the way the English teachers taught those reading strategies are by guiding the students to do relevant reading strategies, giving examples while doing on worksheet, and instructing the students to apply the strategies directly.

There are several suggestions that ought to be considered by the English teachers when they conduct the teaching of reading for comprehension. First, it is important for English teachers to enlarge the knowledge of reading strategies and practice the teaching of reading strategies when they are guiding the students. Second, the English teachers should explore more reading strategies in the actual classroom practice so that the students can use the reading strategies as a good solution against reading difficulties. Third, the principals should invite some language experts to train the English teachers on the practice of effective teaching and learning strategies compared to the practice of reading strategies. Fourth, future researchers are suggested to conduct the research that involve the teaching of reading strategies on specific text types in reading for comprehension.