SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Indonesia - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2010

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Pengembangan Bahan Ajar Keterampilan Menulis Naskah Drama dengan Strategi Pemodelan Transformasi Cerpen untuk Siswa SMP

Retno Dwi Prastianik




Prastianik, Retno Dwi. 2010. Materials Development Drama Script Writing Skills with Transformation Modelling Short Stories Strategy for Junior High School. Thesis, Faculty of Letters State University of Malang. Supervisor: (I) Dr. Djoko Saryono, M.Pd, (II), Drs. Dwi Saksomo, M. Si


Key words: writing, script, drama, modeling, transformation short stories


Writing scripts is one of the four skills are taught in junior compose. Attainment of writing plays can be used as an indicator of skill acquisition by students compose. Therefore, learning to write scripts in the junior high school are expected to be maximal in order to compose the mastery of skills students are also maximal. One way that can be achieved so that learning can be a maximum of writing plays is to develop teaching materials writing plays. Teaching materials developed writing plays in this research uses modeling strategy of transformation short stories. This strategy was chosen to facilitate the students get the sample stages of writing plays from short stories have ever read. This research produced a textbook. Draft materials produced in this research then tested by the learning specialist drama scriptwriting, expert writing instructional materials, two Bahasa Indonesia teacher and junior high school students. Tests conducted to determine the feasibility and gather suggestions for improvement to the revision of teaching materials for use in the field. From the trial results are found for some parts of the teaching materials should be revised. Revision of teaching materials include materials and short stories taken as a model. After the revision of teaching materials, produced the expected product could be used for learning skills of writing plays based on stories he had read in junior high. It is recommended to conduct further research on the competence of writing plays as well as other language skills and compose.