SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Indonesia - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2010

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Peningkatan Kemampuan Berargumentasi dalam Pembelajaran Berbicara

Siswa Kelas VIII SMP Negeri 13 Malang dengan Menggunakan Model NHT

(Numbered Heads Together)




Abstract: Speaking is one aspect of language skill that has to be mastered by student. One standard of competence that must be achieved in learning of speaking is ability to express idea, thought, notion, and feeling verbally and giving proposition, expressing disagreement, and refusing suggestion. The  implementation of learning of speaking at school is often neglected by teacher, due to time constraint. Therefore, students are not able to speak in informal and formal situation fluently, because lack of confidence, disorganized composition of Bahasa Indonesia, has little understanding of discussion ethic, inappropriate substance of conversation. Those statements refer to speaking aspect that must be accomplished by student in learning situation namely the student are giving opinion in a discussion forum. One of learning models which can improve students’ speaking ability especially expressing ideas is NHT learning model. The implementation of NHT model is well organized so students have motivation in learning which can influence the development in outcome of study especially in expressing ideas.This study aims to know the process and result of development ability in expressing ideas, class VIIIH SMP Negeri 13 Malang in conveying agreement and disagreement, giving evidence, delivering proposition or background knowledge, and also drawing conclusion by using NHT model. This study was class action research in SMPN 13 Malang, consist of 36 students, male students was 18 and female students was 18. This study was using class action research with two cycles. Class procedure research action consists of (1) preface study, (2) planning action, (3) implementing action, (4) observation, (5) reflection. While research data of this study consist of pre-action, action data, and action result data. Form of pre-action data was a result from preface study namely results of data taken from interview and pre-researcher and also observation in class before measure is given. Action data or researcher process data is field note about result of study in classroom and also student-opinion data during on-going discussion. Collection of data action result is data verbal which is produced by students, the form of data is argumentation discourse which is delivered by students and also reflection result.


Kata kunci: peningkatana, kemampuan berargumentasi, pembelajaran berbicara, model numbered heads together.