SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Indonesia - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2014

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Praise Speech Act of The Teachers in Interaction learning in SMK Yos Sudarso Ende

Falens Bata



Bata, Falentinus. 2014. Praise Speech Act of The Teachers in Interaction learning in SMK Yos Sudarso Ende. Thesis. Indonesian Studies Program, Postgraduate. State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Roekhan, M.Pd.,(II) Dr. Endah Tri Priyatni, M.Pd

Key words: prise speech acts of the teacher, learning interaction

Good  teacher interaction to learners is the essence of a lesson. In learning activities in the classroom, responsibility of teacher  in addition to providing knowledge, motivation or stimulation also serves as a director for the sake of achievement of what the expectations. The successful of  learning is very rely on teachers raise student motivation to learn. One way to encourage motivation to learn in learning activities is provide praise.

This research is conducted with the aim to (1) describe a form of speech act in praise of teachers in  learning interactions in SMK Yos Sodarso  Ende, (2) the function of speech acts in the praise of teachers in learning interactions SMK Yos Sudarso, and (3) the mode of speech acts teacher praise in the interaction of learning in SMK Yos Suadrso Ende.

This study used a qualitative descriptive design, which the objective of study is  described the research objectives in factual and natural. In referring to the natural is phenomenon that is the target of the study is not designed to make the treatment of the subject. The data is collected and described by using words and do not use numbers. Thus, studies of praise speech act of tearcher in learning interaction is classified of  qualitative research approach. This study examines the speech act of praise teachers interact with the students. The data of this study in the form of  data of  transcription verbal form, function and mode of praise  speech acts of teachers in  learning interactions  SMK Yos Sudarso Ende. The data source of this research is the activity of learning mathematics, Indonesian, Civics, and Economics of discourse interaction in the classroom. In the collection of data through observation, researcher uses a tape recorder, field notes, and interviews. The instruments used in this case is the researcher as the key instrumen, the researchers conducted a series of studies began planning process research data, data collection, analysis of data, interpretation, explanation of the meaning of the data, and the conclusion of the study results. In  conducting  of research, the researcher uses tools such as observation sheets, electronic recording devices and formats the data analysis. Observation sheets and electronic recording devices used by researchers as a data collection device. The format of the data analysis used by researchers for data processing. In the process of data collection in the form of praise speech act of  teachers, researchers used observation and interview techniques. At the time of observation, researchers take reasonable steps can net a compliment speech act of recording the teacher through observation and data recording sheets electronically. Interviews conducted by researchers not structured, with questions that are tentative and are situational. Meanwhile, the data field records include field notes are descriptive and reflective field notes. The data analysis starts from the stage of data reduction, the stage of presentation, and the stage of conclusion. To maintain the validity of the data, triangulation of data.

Based on the results of data analysis, there are three conclusions as follows. The first form of praise  speech acts of  teacher delivered to the students in learning activities stated as follows. The first, form of praise speech acts of teacher in the form of (1) the imperative sentence, (2) declarative sentences, and (3) interrogative sentences. A form of speech act in the form of teacher praise imperative sentence found in this study there are four, namely the imperative demand, licensing, errands, and prohibition. A form of speech act in the form of declarative sentences of praise found, namely in the form of active and passive voice sentences. While the interrogative sentence found  in total and partial interrogative sentence.

The second function of praise speech acts  of teachers in learning interactions of SMK Yos Sudarso Ende has five types. The fifth kind, including (1) command smoothing function by the teacher to the student, (2) smoothing function reprimand by the teacher to the student, (3) functions provide reinforcement by the teacher to the student, (4) the function of giving advice by teachers to students, and (5) the student to teacher acceptance function.

The third mode of delivery of praise speech acts of teachers in learning interactions  SMK Yos Sudarso Ende found in this study, including two types. Both types of modes are (1) direct speech mode and (2) indirect speech mode. It is recommended this study is developed to focus on form, function and mode of speech ini different settings and different contexts.