SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Indonesia - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2014

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Yulia Josina Ulorlo




Ulorlo, J. Y. 2014. An Analysis of “English Module” Used by the Sixth Graders at SD LAB UM. Thesis. English Department. Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisor: Prof. Dr. Yazid Basthomi, M.A.


Key Words: English Coursebook, content analysis, sixth graders.

This study is conducted to analyze the English textbook entitled “English Module” used by the sixth graders at SD LAB UM based on the criteria of a good coursebook proposed by Cunningsworth (1995).

This study used a descriptive-evaluative method by using content analysis design. The subjects of this research are the English teacher and the students who use the book for teaching and learning material. Then, the object of this study is the English textbook entitled "English Module". To collect the data, the researcher uses three main instruments such as evaluation checklists, interview guides, and questionnaires. Furthermore, the researchers analyzed the book based on the EFL evaluation criteria. The researcher also obtained information from the English teacher and students about the book. The researcher was able to explain the criteria that have been met and not met by the book. After that, the researcher concluded the results of the research which are presented in the percentage form. This was done by dividing the number of criteria which have been met by the book with the total number of evaluation criteria EFL and then multiplied by 100%.

The results of the study indicate that the book adequately meets relevant the EFL evaluation criteria as, it can be seen from its level of suitability. The level of suitability of the book given by the teacher is 57.50 %, whereas the score of the researcher is 55.00 %. Although the book is still in need of additions and improvements, the results the study indicate that the teacher can still use the book as a reference in teaching the sixth graders of SD LAB UM.

Based on the findings, the researcher suggested that the book also covers the listening materials and pronunciation materials. Then, the teacher should pay more attention to the instructions in writing because most of the materials are incomplete. Moreover, the students can use the book to develop English and in the future to help them master language skills well. Furthermore, for other researchers interested to conduct the similar research on the topic of coursebook evaluation, they can extend their focus of evaluation on larger scopes and different contexts.