SKRIPSI Jurusan Matematika - Fakultas MIPA UM, 2009

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Rancangan Pembelajaran Pokok Bahasan Segitiga dan Garis-garis pada Segitiga dengan Memperhatikan Multiple Intelligences Siswa SMP Kelas VII

Abdullah Hasan


Hasan, Abdullah. 2009. Lesson Plan of Triangle and the Lines on Triangle with Paying Attention to Students’ Multiple Intelligences of the First Year Students of Junior High School. Thesis, Mathematic Department, Faculty of Mathematic and Science, State University of Malang. Advisor: (I) Drs. Eddy Budiono, M.Pd, (II) Drs. Erry Hidayanto, M.Si.
Keywords: Triangle and Lines on triangle, lesson plan, multiple intelligences.
Multiple intelligences theory describes eight human intelligences: (1) Linguistic intelligence; (2) logical-mathematical; (3) spatial intelligence; (4) bodily-kinesthetic intelligence; (5) musical intelligence; (6) interpersonal intelligence; (7) intrapersonal intelligence; (8) natural intelligence. The learning with multiple intelligences is supposed to emerge and to develop the students’ potential so the students can learn well because of being taught using intelligence that appears on them.
It is necessary to prepare lesson plan so the learning can be done well.
The goal achieved in this research is to get the shape of lesson plan of triangle and lines on triangle with paying attention to the multiple intelligences of the first year students of junior high school.
Working through the triangle and the lines on triangle are the main consideration that has not been taught yet by the students of the first year of junior high school in the place of testing. The testing of this plan was done in SMP Al-Ma’hadul Islami Pasuruan. The subject of this research is fourteen students of the first year B of junior high school.
The conclusion that can be got from this research is: (1) the development procedure for planning the development of lesson plan is to focus on the certain goal and topic, to answer the key questions of multiple intelligences, to consider other possibilities, ideas, to choose the appropriate activities, to develop continuosly the lesson plan, then to run the plan; (2) the lesson plan that has been developed like RP and LKS can facilitate the tendency of students learning well; (3) RP that has been developed by cooperative method which cluster students on the same intelligence can facilitate the interpersonal intelligence of students to emerge, it can be proven that the group of students that is not interpersonal can also show the attitude suitable with indicator of interpersonal intelligence; (4) based on the validation result by the experts and testing of the field, it is necessary to do some revisions to RP and LKS, with the revision that has been done, it is supposed that RP and LKS developed can be better.

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