SKRIPSI Jurusan Matematika - Fakultas MIPA UM, 2009

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rofita yusviana





Rofita Yusviana. 2009. The Developed  Software Mathematic using computer with Maplet Program for State Senior High School Student. Thesis, Mathematic Education  Program of Mathematic and Science Faculty, State University of Malang. Advisor: (I) Drs. Ir. H. Herutomo, M. Pd, (II) Mahmuddin Yunus, S.Kom.



Keywords: mathematics, software, Maplet.


Mathematics usually becomes a scarring lesson for students. New words, unclear definition, and wrong description of abstract concepts which is sometimes difficult to be understood by the student is the problem in learning mathematics.

Mathematics software with Maplet can be one of the medias and reference in

learning mathematics.

The goal of this research is to develop mathematic software which can be used in learning mathematic. Teacher can used this software in

learning mathematics of Senior High School. The students also can use this

software individually to learn some mathematics material directly.

The research uses procedural developing model which is descriptive. The

developing model contains some terms, they are: (1) necessity identification term

covers material and media identification, (2) design term which consists of preparation, performance, and editing process, (3) software production term, (4) validation term of small group consisting three validation subjects such

as material expert and audience, (5) revision term, and (6) software packing term.

The validation design in this media developing is a small group test with three validation subjects consisting of one media expert, one material expert, and

some audience. Validation instrument in form of check list closed poll completed

with comment, suggestion and recommendation. The data is worked by presentation descriptive technique by charging quantitative data into presentation


The result of this developing is a Senior High School’s mathematic software which is appropriate the valid criteria from the material expert, audience, and also media expert. The media expert suggests this software developer also to develop the web base. Moreover, the material expert gives good suggestion to this software.