SKRIPSI Jurusan Manajemen - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2009

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Yekti Wikanti




Wikanti, Yekti. 2009. Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Group Investigation (GI) untuk Meningkatkan Aktivitas dan Hasil Belajar Siswa untuk Mata Diklat Ekonomi Kelas X Akuntansi di SMK PGRI 2 Malang. Skripsi, Jurusan Manajemen Program Studi Pendidikan Tata Niaga FE Universitas Negeri Malang. Pembimbing: (I) Drs. Gatot Isnani, M.Si, (II) Drs. Agus Hermawan,  M.Si., M. Buss


Kata kunci: Study model Group Investigation (GI), activity, study result


In globalisation era, ability compete, have skill of technology and knowledge become important progressively for progress a nation. To have compete, every individual must have reliable interest in many area as according to enthusiasm, talent, and ability. But, now Indonesian Human Resource situation  haven't competitif. Indonesian Education require to get reconditional and special attention education require to be done to increase the education quality. One of the way is to change of curriculum, that is Curriculum Base on Competention ( KBK) 2004 as completion of Curriculum 1994. In KBK, student compete can be developed as maximum, besides student have an excellence of comparability and competitif according to the national and international standard quality . One of the study model which there are in KBK is Group Investigation ( GI).

This research represent class action research ( PTK) which consist of two cycle and use qualitative approach. Each cycle consist of four phase that is planning, execution, and observation, reflektion. Passed to this action on cycle I and II as according to Study Plan Program ( RPP) with GI study model.

Study lesson used at this research is Economics lesson for the class X semester II year 2006 / 2007 Membership of Accountancy Program, on the  sub of compete supply and demand analyse. To know the student activity in their study using GI study model the observer do the observation by using sheet observation and to know the learn result increasing to be evaluated from cognate aspect, So the observer have do the calculation of pre-test and post-test value.

Collecting data appliance which is used in this research is tes, observation, interview, field note and documentation. While analyse data technique used to this observation are : reduction data , data presentation, and also make a tes conclusion. For the data subject which used in this research is class student of X Membership Of Accountancy Program  SMK PGRI 2 Malang their amount are 44 student.

Based to the result of this research, it showing that by using GI study model can make improve result and student learning activity. Student activity based to the observation result of both of the observer at cycle I, its average value presentage is 82,14% including category of B+, cycle of II is 100% including category A. While activity and skill of student co-operative at cycle I for phase 1 average value 70,45%, category of B-; Phase 2 equal to 62,73% category of C+; Phase 3 56,44% category of C; Phase 4 62,27% category of C; Phase 5 60% category of C; Phase 6 66,13% category of B-. At cycle of II for phase 1 yielded by average value 81,36% category of B+; Phase 2 71,36% category of B; Phase 3 68,18% category of B-; Phase 4 69,09% category of B-; Phase 73,94% category of B; Phase 6 76,34% category of B+.

Result of the learn after the student study by using GI study model is increase to 27,46. At the pre-test cycle of I mean 38,17. At the cycle post-test of I obtained mean 65,63. At the cycle of II also experience of the increase, that is equal to 23,29 where the result of cycle pre-test of II equal to 47,56 while cycle post-test of II obtained mean 70,85.

Based to the result of this research, the following suggestion are  ( 1) In the implementation of study using GI study model, the  student much better have to be active look for the information as according to this topic of which they studied; ( 2) At Economics study the teacher much better using GI study model to increase activity and skill of co-operative student; ( 3) To the teacher of Economic lesson of SMK PGRI 2 Malang, study using GI study model can be used to increase result of the student learning.