SKRIPSI Jurusan Manajemen - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2019

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Pengaruh Harga Terhadap Loyalitas Pelanggan Melalui Kepuasan Pelanggan Smartphone Xiaomi Di Indonesia

Arrahman Muhammad Berril Kholif



Arrahman, Muhammad Berril Kholif. 2019. Effect Of Price Towards Customer Loyalty Through Xiaomi Smartphone Customer Satisfaction In Indonesia. Sarjana’s Thesis, Departement of Management, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisor: Dr. Sopiah, M. Pd, M. M

Keywords: Price, Customer Loyalty, and Customer Satisfaction

Developments in the digital era today is growing very rapidly from year to year, such as the advancement of mobile phones or that we commonly call a phone or smartphone, among which is Xiaomi as a mobile internet company dedicated to Creating user experience of all aspects and has become a trend of smartphone usage in Indonesia. Xiaomi is heavily pursued by consumers because it has high specifications but it is very cheap when compared with other mobile brands with similar specifications. This research wants to know how the loyalty rate for users of Xiaomi smartphones in Indonesia. Customer loyalty rates are allegedly influenced by the price offered by Xiaomi and also customer satisfaction levels perceived by consumers.

The objectives in this study include:

(1) Descriptions of prices, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction;

(2) Explaining the price impact on customer loyalty;

(3) Explaining the price impact on customer satisfaction;

(4) Explaining the impact of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty;

(5) Explaining the price impact on customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. The approach used is quantitative with a type of descriptive and exportatory research. The population in this research is Xiaomi smartphone users in Indonesia, who buy or use more than once, with an infinite population. The samples obtained through the formula in this study were as much as 420 respondents. Sampling techniques using techniques (non probability sampling). Sampling using techniques (purposive sampling). While the data analysis technique uses Path analysis.

Based on the research gained, it was concluded that:

(1) Prices positively and significantly affect customer loyalty of Xiaomi smartphones in Indonesia;

(2) Prices positively and significantly affect customer satisfaction of Xiaomi smartphones in Indonesia;

(3) Customer satisfaction positively and significantly impact the customer loyalty of Xiaomi smartphones in Indonesia;

(4) Prices positively and significantly affect customer loyalty through the satisfaction of Xiaomi smartphone customers in Indonesia. According to the interval classification, the price is categorized "corresponding"; Customer loyalty is categorized as "high" and customer satisfaction is categorized as "high". Some suggestions are:

(1) View competitors first before setting a price;

(2) Maintain the quality and perceived benefits of consumers;

(3) Add value or highlight product differentiation with competitors;

(4) To further researchers use or add variables and other objects to make their research more extensive.