SKRIPSI Jurusan Manajemen - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2019

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Pengembangan E-modul Berbasis Flipbook Pada Mata Pelajaran Komunikasi Bisnis (Studi Kelas X Pemasaran di SMK Islam Batu Malang)

Muzakki Yulian



Muzakki, Yulian. 2018. Development of Flipbook-Based E-modules in Business Communication Subjects (Class X Marketing Study at Batu Malang Islamic Vocational School). Thesis Department of Management, Faculty of Economics. Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisor: Drs. Mohammad Hari, M.Si.


Keywords: E-module, Flipbook, and Business Communication Subjects.

The flipbook-based e-module learning media is an interactive digital learning tool in the form of book in its use during teaching and learning activities. This research method is research and development (R & D).

The objectives of this study include:

(a) To produce products in the form of e-modules or flipbook-based electronic modules on business communication subjects for class X marketing at Batu Islam Vocational School second semester.

(b) Knowing the feasibility of e-module Flipbook-based Business Communication of second semester material for Marketing X students in the Batu Islam Vocational School,

(c) To find out students' responses to the use of e-modules in class X Business Communication Subjects in Batu Islamic Vocational School.

This development research uses the development model of Borg and Gall in Sugiono's book which consists of 9 development stages, that is (

1) potential and problems,

(2) data collection,

(3) product design,

(4) design validation,

(5) design revisions ,

(6) product testing,

(7) product revision,

(8) user test,

(9) final product.

Media validation is carried out by material and media experts. This reseacrh conducted on the tenth grade students of Marketing in Islamic Islamic Vocational Schools.

Media validation results reached 97.5% with excelent categories and the results of material expert validation reached 97.5% with excelent categories. The product trial was conducted in 2 stages, namely group trials consisting of 6 students and mass trials consisting of 40 students X Marketing of Islamic Islamic Vocational Schools. The results of small group trials reached 83.5% and mass trials reached 85.5% with the average student saying learning to use flipbook-based e-module learning media was very interesting, fun and the material was easy to understand.