SKRIPSI Jurusan Manajemen - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2017

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Pengembangan Modul Humas dan Keprotokolan Berbasis Guided Inquiry Pada Materi Ruang Lingkup Humas dan Kegiatan Humas Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa

anita ubaidilah farkhiyah




Farkhiyah, Anita Ubaidilah  2016. The Developmentof Public Relations Modul and Protocol Based Guided Inquiry On the Material Scope of Public Relations and Public Relations Activities to Improve the Result of Student Learning. Essay, Management major, Faculty of Economics, University of Malang. Supervisor (1) Dra. Hj. Wasiti, S. Sos., M.Si.(2) Dr. Wahju Wibowo, A.Md,SE, M.Si (Alm)


Keyword : module development, public relations and protocol,  based in Guided Inquiry, learning outcomes

The module is a learning resource in the form writing or printing systematically arranged and contains teaching materials or reading materials, assignments, exercises, and tests to help the learning process of students in the class, the researchers developed a module Public Relations and Protocol-based Guided Inquiry on basic competence describe the scope of public relations and managing public relations activities. The development of this module can be used as allternatif in learning makes students learn independently and to build his own knowledge to understand the concepts, critical thinking and analytical so learning to do more meaningful.

The purpose of this research and development is 1) develop Module Public Relations and Protocol-Based Guided inquiry XI class at SMK 1 Malang on basic competencies: (a) Describe the scope of Public Relations (b) Manage the public relations activities (2) determine the feasibility of the module public relations and protocol-based guided inquiry class XI SMK 1 Malang. (3) determine the effectiveness of the module through the learning outcomes of students using public relations and protocol modules based in guided inquiry.

This development research using 4D model design adapted from Thiangarajan, and his friends, through the four steps of research, namely the definition (define), design (design), development (develop), and dissemination (disseminate). Validation module is carried out by one person lecturers Management Department, State University of Malang as validator expert learning modules, one subject teachers Administrative Infrastructures in SMK Negeri 1 Malang as validator subject matter experts, and 10 students of class XI APK SMK Negeri 1 Malang as user ,

Based on the validation results matter experts, expert modules, and students known that the module Public Relations and Protocol declared valid and fit for use as teaching materials in the classroom indicated by the average percentage of validation by 89%. In addition public relations and protocol modules also expressed effectively used in learning activities in the classroom that is indicated by an increase learning outcomes by 36 (with an average value before using public relations and protocol module 61 and after using public relations and protocol modules 97). Thus, it can be concluded that the module Public Relations and Protocol-Based Guided Inquiry (guided inquiry) is valid and feasible and effective enough to be used as teaching materials in learning activities.