SKRIPSI Jurusan Manajemen - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2017

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The Effect of Job Stress on Employees Satisfaction at CV Sinar Mentari Sukses Kediri

Wahyu Darmawan


Human resources are assets that are considered potential and is important in an organization or company, which is essentially human resources are the driving force of life companies. Study of job satisfaction levels of employees that showed workers or employees in Indonesia have low levels of satisfaction. CV Sinar Mentari Sukses is a company engaged in the distribution. Based on interviews, the company has turnover rate that is quite high, which caused dissatisfaction of employees .this study aims to determine the effect of work stress on employee job satisfaction in CV Sinar Mentari Sukses. Work stress becomes the independent variable and job satisfaction becomes the dependent variable. The study population is all employees CV Sinar Mentari Sukses are 121 people and a sample of 93 employees using the Proportionate random sampling technique. This research method uses a quantitative approach with a simple linear regression analysis. Analysis of data using SPSS software version tools 17.0. The description of the data showed job stress on employee CV SinarMentariSukses in the category of low and job satisfaction of employees in the category. While the results showed that the variables of job stress has a negative effect on employee job satisfaction. Management advised to lower the stress levels of employees either by providing counseling for employees