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The Perception of Junior High School Students about the Use of Online Games in Mastering English Vocabulary

Dayu Kristanti




Kristanti, Dayu. 2017. The Perception of Junior High School Students about the Use of Online Games in Mastering English Vocabulary. Thesis. English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisor: (I) Prof. Utami Widiati, M.A., Ph.D. and Advisor: (II) Dr. Utari Praba Astuti, M.A


Keywords: students’ perception, online games, English vocabulary

The virtual game world is one of the social media that was created as one of the applications to communicate. This application is built to make it easy for users to create and share ideas, information, and interests virtually. It attracts attention and becomes popular in the internet because playing online games; people stimulate the brain and influence the subconscious mind of the players to recognize the words that often appear. Continuous repetition of the structure and vocabulary will familiarize the learner with the language itself, making it easier for them to learn the language, in this context is English. The existence of this game application is expected to help students in learning English other than through formal learning. Therefore, mastering the vocabulary in various ways becomes a necessity. This study examines the perception of Junior High School students about the use of online games in mastering English vocabulary in Private Course Kifkaf Malang.

This study is intended to describe the students’ perception about the use of online games in mastering their English vocabulary. This research uses survey method by using a set of questionnaires. Respondents in this study were 63 Junior High School students in Private Course Kifkaf Malang. The questionnaires that had been filled out then returned by the respondents were analyzed by calculating the percentage of students' perceptions to know their perceptions about the use of online games to master English vocabulary.

The findings of the study were as follows. Firstly, the researcher collected the data obtained from students’ questionnaires and classified based on categories. Then, the researcher reduced the data gathered and presented in the form of percentages of each item by dividing the number of the students who gave the same answer with the total of the students, and multiplying it with 100%. The researcher made a table in which the researcher put the perceptions of all students on every item. Then the researcher calculated the percentage of the students’ perceptions for each aspect. After that, the data in the form of numbers were elaborated into sentences. The research findings showed that most respondents (96.8) in Private Course Kifkaf Malang were convinced of the importance of learning English and mastering English vocabulary. They also had a positive perception (72.4%) about the opportunities the help and the motivation they obtain through the use of online games in mastering English vocabulary.


Based on the result of the study, it is suggested to master English vocabulary using online games. Besides, teacher should pay attention to students’ problems which they sometimes find difficult to interpret English vocabulary. For future research, it is suggested to do research in the same topic using broader subjects and add quantity of the observation.