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The Teaching of English as a Foreign Language to the Pre-lingual Deaf Students

Ruth Marganingsih




Marganingsih, Ruth. 2016. The Teaching of English as a Foreign Language to the Pre-lingual Deaf Students. Thesis, English Language Teaching Department, Faculty of Letters, University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Furaidah, M.A., (II) Prof. Dr. H. Ali Saukah, M.A.


Keywords: deaf students, pre-lingual deaf students, students with special needs.

Deaf people are a minor community which also needs to learn English as a foreign language. One of the ways to learn English for the deaf students is in formal schools. Teaching English to deaf students needs particular approaches. Since English has four language skills to master, it is interesting to investigate how the teaching of those skills are carried out to the deaf students.

The aim of the research is to find out how the four language skills are taught to the deaf students, the problems faced by the teacher of the deaf and the solutions taken.

This study used qualitative descriptive design. The data were obtained from an English teacher of the deaf, an English class consisting of nine deaf students, school principal, and the school website of SMALB Bagian C Pembina Tingkat Nasional. The researcher used interview and observation to collect the data.

Based on the data analysis, there are several conclusions that answer the issues raised in this study. First, the teaching of English was only focused on three language skills, namely speaking, reading and writing skills. The teaching of speaking skill was focused on pronunciation, the teaching of reading was focused on asking students to identify explicitly stated facts in the texts and the writing skill was taught using guided writing because the deaf students were not able to compose free writing which needs wider vocabulary mastery.

Second, the teacher of the deaf students faced several problems in teaching her students. The difficulties were how to make the students stay on-task, how to teach students with various ability and students with dual sensory impairments.


Regarding the result of the study, the researcher gives several suggestions for the teachers of the deaf and the next researchers. First, the teacher should do student’s need analysis before conducting teaching and learning process, especially in teaching speaking and writing skills. This is useful to help the teacher determine the technique, method or material that will be applied to the deaf students. Second, an integrated teaching with the use of familiar topics around the deaf students is suggested to do by the teacher. The next suggestions are directed for the following researchers who are interested in conducting a study in this field. The next researchers should consider longer time spent in the field to find more complete pattern of how the teaching and learning of English to the deaf students is conducted.