KARYA DOSEN Fakultas Sastra UM, 2009

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Assumption and Hypothesis in Language Learning Research

Mohammad Adnan Latief


A researcher trying to discover the relationship between two variables must believe that the relationship between the two variables exists and can be discovered. This belief is called research assumption. The most basic assumption in research is that evry thing in this world works under a certain system. It is the job of a researcher, therefore, to discover the system believed to exist. That system can be predicted in advance based on theory or logical common sense. That prediction is called research hypothesis. Research hypothesis is of at least three kinds, each of which should not be confused.  A prediction of the relationship between research variables based on theory or logical common sense is called theoretical hypothesis. In testing hypothesis quantitatively, the theoretical hypothesis should be transformed into statistical hypothesis, which takes the form of Null hypothesis and its alternatives. It is the Null hypothesis that is to be tested to justify its rejection or otherwise its acceptance.  In qualitative study, the result of first data analysis is called temporal empirical hypothesis that should be validated with more data.  This cycle of rechecking the result with more data is done again and again until the hypothesis becomes the final conclusion.


Key words: theoretical hypothesis, empirical hypothesis, and statistical hypothesis.

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