KARYA DOSEN Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2017

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Prospek Perkembangan Industri Songkok Desa Pengangsalan Kabupaten Lamongan

khusnul Fuad


Fuad, Khusnul. 2017. Prospect of Lamongan Songkok Industry.Sarjana's Thesis, Development Economics Major, Faculty of Economics. State Universitas Negeri Malang. Supervisors:  (I) Dr. Mit Witjaksono, MS.Ed., (II) Dr. Farida Rahmawati, S.E., M.E.


Keywords :    Prospect, Industry of songkok Handicraft


Lamongan District that is not as Songkok producing regions also has a Songkok industry. The existence of the industry is centered in the Pengangsalan Village, Kalitengah Sub-District, Lamongan District. This industry is a home industry that has labor-intensive characteristic and is able to create new entrepreneurs. This study sought to assess the prospects ofLamongan songkok industry based on three aspects of the Community Economic Development (CED), these are Growth, Development, and Community Economic Develompent and one aspec competition.

This study uses a qualitative approach with Phenomenology type. This phenomenology isLamongan songkok industry as a newcomer. Data analysis technique uses reduction, presentation and verification of data.

Based on the results, there is good prospect of Lamongan songkok industry which can be seen through four aspects, these are: (1) Growth, the industry growth every year in both revenue and number of craftsmen aspects; (2) Development, product development includes design / motif and output which have been produced; (3) Community Economic Development, a process in maintaining the sustainability of the industry, craftsmen made several efforts include: establishingsongkok association, maintaining the quality of songkok, using the Internet to expand market extent, participating partnership program, improving the quality of human resources, and set up a specific building for songkok market; (4) Competition, Lamongan songkok products have not competitive yet when compared with songkok from other region, especially in Gresik.

Craftsmen are expected to be more innovative in the promotion of products in order to be more competitive and more widely known, adapting the use of modern technology to increase production, and develop design / motif of Lamongan songkok.