KARYA DOSEN Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2016

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Pengaruh Locus OF Control Terhadap Hasil Belajar Mahasiswa Akuntansi

Laily Nujmatul


Locus Control is term in psycohology which refers to person's belief about what causes the good or bad result in his or her life ( Rotter,1996). Locus of control, according to Rotter approach, can be divided into two separate sources of control: internal and external. this study is designed to explore about how the student learning behavior, which is a part of their life on the basis of personality characteristics, fixed learning time and their learining style. For conducting this study, 50 modified statement are used from Rotter's Locus Of Control scale with four point likert scale. Population of this research are Accounting student in State University of Malang . By 193 responden were taken as sample. Sampling methode was done by convenience. The result shows that internal locus of control have significant effect on student's achievement but this research can't prove correlation between external locus of control and student's achievement.


Keyword: Locus of Control, Student' Achievement