KARYA DOSEN Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2016

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

Pemgenbangan Modul Akuntansi Dengan Pendekatan SAitifik Berbasis Inkuiri

Nujmatul Laily


This research aims to develop module for accounting student. The module was developed by adapting the Borg and Gall development methods which include analysis, product development, validation expert, the first revision, a limited field test, the second revision, experimentation, and the final product. Due diligence is done through expert validation development of teaching materials, materials experts, and limited field trials(students). As for testing the effectiveness of the module is done by using a test Dependent Sample T-Test. Based on the result of expert validation, the module has fulfill the Criteria of "very good" and ready for use in teaching and learning


Keyword: inquiries, accounting, scientific