SKRIPSI Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2018

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Perbedaan Hasil Belajar Mata Pelajaran Ekonomi Dengan Menggunakan Model Pembelajaran Debat dan Model pembelajaran Mind Mapping Pada KElas X IPS di SMAN 1 Batu

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AbstractThis study aims to determine differences in cognitive learning outcomes (inthe form of pre test and post test) students of class X IPS 4 experimental class and XIPS 1 control semester class at SMAN 1 Batu, by giving treatment using the strategy oflearning Debate and Mind mapping. The type of this research is Quasi Eksperimen.Research data was collected through observation, documentation, pre-test and posttest.The results of research can be said there are significant differences. Here is theproof, the average value of post-test control class is 81,9 whereas in experiment classis 88,8.. From this study it can be concluded that there is a significant differencebetween the model of learning debate and mind mapping learning model. It can alsobe said that the model of learning debate is more effectively used in the learningmodel on central bank material rather than mind mapping learning mode.

Keywords: Learning, Learning Model, Debate Learning Model, Mind Mapping Learning Model, Learning Outcomes