SKRIPSI Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2018

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Latiful Rohman




Rohman, Latiful. 2018. The Effect of School Library Utilization and Learning Discipline to the Learning Outcome of Economy Subject for Students on the  10th-IPS Grade SMA Negeri 9 Malang. Mini Thesis, Department of  Development Economy, Faculty of Economy, State university of Malang. Supervisor: Drs. Ir. Yohanes Hadi Soesilo, S.Th., M.Div., M.E.


Keywords: School Library Utilization, Learning Discipline, Learning Outcome.

Changes in student behavior in learning also needs facilities to support knowledge and information. The benchmark in achieving student success after doing the learning activity is the result of student learning outcome. An extension factor that can affect student achievement is the facility at the wrong school libarry utilization. Learning facilities in the school environment can be used to find the information needs used to support the success of student learning outcome. Internal factor that can affect learning to learn is learning discipline. Students who have good learning discipline will feel as discipline is a major need in learning, so that the discipline comes from students' self-awareness without any element of coercion. Awareness of the students will have a good level of discipline so that effect their learning outcome. The objectives of this research as follow to know the effect of school library utilization to the learning outcome of economy subject for students on the 10th-IPS Grade SMA Negeri 9 Malang, either partially or simultaneously.

This research used quantitative approach with explanation type, population in this research was students on the 10th IPS grade SMA Negeri 9 Malang for 102 students and was obtained sample for 81 students. Sample taking in this research used random sampling technique. Data analysis that used in this research was descriptive statistical analysis, classical test, multiple linier regression analysis, hypothesis test, effective contribution, and determination coefficient (R2) with the assistance of computer program SPSS 16.00 for Windows.

Based on data analysis result above, it can be concluded there is a positive effect school library utilization to the learning outcome of economy subject for students on the 10th-IPS Grade SMA Negeri 9 Malang, either partially or simultaneously. Based on data analysis the concluded then the result as follows the school is expected to make the school library utilization management system for students to obtain relevant learning resources. For teachers to be expected to hold lessons in school libraries or assign students to look for references in school libraries so students are accustomed to visiting in making use of School library utilization. Teachers also provide input and direction so that students are more disciplined and give sanctions to students who are less disciplined. For other researchers are expected to examine student learning outcome with different perspectives, aspects and backgrounds and use other variables so it can be known what affect student learning outcome.