SKRIPSI Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2018

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Penerapan Model Pembelajaran ARIAS dikolaborasikan dengan Kartu Arisan untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Pada Mata Pelajaran Ekonomi Kelas X-IIS 2 MA Bilingual Batu Semester Ganjil Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018

Sita Della Desmawati




Based on an interview with an economic teacher who taught X-IIS 2 MA Bilingual Batu, it was found that students of X-IIS 2 tended not to be active while joining economic class. Most of their problems were related to less confidence and interest, even getting sleep when the course begun. Consequently, their result of study was low. It was proven on the first test in which only one from thirty five students who passed the test. Therefore, it needed a learning strategy which could improve student’s achievement and the researcher tried to apply ARIAS learning method combined with lottery card. It was a classroom action research with a qualitative descriptive approach and conducted twice through 4 stages. Those stages included action plan, performance, observation, and reflection. The subjects were thirty five students of X-IIS 2 MA Bilingual Batu. Meanwhile, the research object was the result of their study or pertained to a cognitive skill which was observed from pre and post test. The result of research showed that ARIAS method combined with lottery card could increase student’s learning outcome. On the first cycle, there was an enhancement on percentage of learning completion in which the previous score around 3,44% on pre test increased into 67,85% on post test. Then, on the second cycle, 6,45% on pre test became 84% on post test. The conclusion of research was that ARIAS method with lottery card on Economic class could be implemented well, particularly to students of X-IIS 2 MA Bilingual Batu. Besides, it also could upgrade their result of study.