SKRIPSI Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2017

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Analysis on Students’ Difficulty to Comprehend economics Subject and its Alternative Solution (Case Study on student of X Grader IPS 1 at MAN 1 Malang

Mega Prastika




Every student surely wants to get the best learning result but it cannot be denied that mostly students have learning difficulty which becomes obstacle to reach it. This research is conducted to answer problems on learning difficulty which is had by students of X IPS 1. Research problems in this research are 1) which terminology term do students get difficult to comprehend bank main material and how is the percentage on X Grader IPS 1 MAN 1 Malang? 2) What are the factors causing students get difficult to comprehend terminology on bank main material of Grader IPS 1 MAN 1 Malang/ 3) How is effort done by students and teachers to overcome difficulty in comprehending bank main material of Grader IPS 1 MAN 1 Malang?

This research utilized two approaches; those are quantitative and qualitative research method. Data collection conducted in this research is explanatory squencial. It prioritizes on qualitative data. Data in this research are qualitative data obtained by result of diagnosis test and questionnaire filled by students of X Grader IPS 1. While qualitative data is obtained trough observation and deep interview. To check the validity of the data, it is utilized source triangulation technique, technique triangulation and time triangulation.

Result of this research shows that 1) Based on diagnosis test given to students of X grader IPS 1, it reveals that the highest percentage of students’ difficulty goes to the word meknaisme kliring with total of difficulty 96,30 %. While the lowest percentage on students’ difficulty to comprehend terminology goes to the word transparan with total 25,93 %. 2)  Factors causing students have difficulty to comprehend terminology on economics subject in bank main material. First, it is caused many unfamiliar terminologies which are not balanced by many terminology treasuries. Second, limited reference of book belonged students so that mostly students only depend on LKS belonged by them. Third, duration of subject and teachers’ teaching method. 3) Effort conducted by students to overcome difficulty in teaching to comprehend bank main material. First is by asking to the friends. Second is by browsing. Third is by asking to the teachers. While efforts done by teachers to overcome difficulty in learning are: First, by giving motivation in the beginning of the study. Second, by giving a hand when learning process is running.


After knowing percentage and where the student’s learning difficulty to comprehend  economics subject of X IPS 1 is, these are suggestion given by researcher, 1) For school, it should provide more references in library. 2) For teachers, they should make module so that students could be easier to comprehend subject and 3) for students, they should be diligent to look for learning sources, not only rely on LKS.